Sheriff requests levy placement on Aug. ballot

By Sarah Hawley - [email protected]



POMEROY — After being denied placement on a May ballot, the Meigs County Sheriff has requested the placement of a 2.95 mill levy/bond issue on a special election ballot in August.

Sheriff Keith Wood met with the Meigs County Commissioners on Thursday as part of their regular meeting, requesting the placement of the levy for the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office and Correctional Facility on the Aug. 8 ballot.

Wood explained that he felt it was better to move forward sooner, rather than waiting for the November election, based on the monthly cost of housing.

The county currently spends around $40,000 a month on outside housing, Wood stated.

Wood said there is no change as to what he is requesting from what he had requested back in January.

In late January, the commissioners approved a similar request from the sheriff, authorizing the placement of the previously proposed levy on the May ballot.

Concerns over the information filed with the board of elections of that initial filing led to the Meigs County Board of Elections deciding against placing the levy on the ballot in May.

After learning of the decision by the board in mid-February, Wood said that they would regroup and determine the best course of action moving forward with the proposed levy.

As previously reported, the sheriff has proposed a 71-bed facility and administrative offices which would be constructed on the site of the former Veterans Memorial Hospital.

Funds from the levy/bond issue would allow for the construction, demolition, site work, equipping, furnishing and operation of the facility.

Prior to the August election, should the issue be approved for placement on the ballot, public meetings will be held to allow for residents of the county to ask questions they may have regarding the proposed issue, as well as hear from the sheriff as to why he is asking for the levy.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, the deadline for issues to be filed for the Aug. 8 special election is May 10. That means that there will not be the rush to get the paperwork completed this time around as there was in January, with less than a week from the time of the request to the filing deadline.


By Sarah Hawley

[email protected]

Reach Sarah Hawley at 740-992-2155 ext. 2555 or on Twitter @SarahHawleyNews

Reach Sarah Hawley at 740-992-2155 ext. 2555 or on Twitter @SarahHawleyNews