Sheriff’s Office handles burglary, theft calls

Staff Report -

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Day Shift

Feb. 12

Theft — Deputy Perry received a report of a Polaris Razor that had been stolen from a residence on Roy Jones Road. This incident remains under investigation.

Feb. 13

Investigate complaint — Deputies received a call from the Go Mart in Tuppers Plains in reference to a patron attempting to use counterfeit money to purchase items. Anyone who comes across what they believe to be counterfeit money is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Threats or harassment — Sgt. Griffin took a call about a male being threatened with physical harm via Facebook/text message. Criminal charges have been filed in Meigs County Court.

Burglary — Deputies responded to a call of a burglary that had taken place at a residence in Racine. An investigation has resulted in the recovery of the stolen items and criminal charges filed in Meigs County Court.

Feb. 14

Well-being check — Deputies answered multiple well-being checks on several residences located within the county.

Investigate complaint — Our office responded to call about stolen license plates. This incident remains under investigation.

Feb. 15

Sex offender — Sgt. Patterson registered one sex offender.

Domestic violence — A woman came to the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office and filed a report with Sgt. Patterson about her husband, Sean Braley, allegedly assaulting her. Sgt. Patterson took the report and filed charges on Sean Braley for the incident.

Theft — Deputy Stacy took a report from a resident of Long Bottom, who reported the license plate from his vehicle had been taken along with the registration for the license plate. The plate has been entered into NCIC and the incident remains under investigation.

Feb. 16

Disorderly — Deputy Myers took a report at Arbors of Pomeroy about two employees arguing and threatening each other. Staff felt that it may get out of hand and requested deputies intervention. Deputy Myers contacted the parties involved and will decide whether to file charges after speaking with the prosecutor.

Well-being check — Deputy Myers handled a well-being check at the request of the Chillicothe VA. They had received a call from a veteran who mentioned suicide before hanging up on them. Deputy Myers contacted the subject who said he was not wanting to hurt himself, he was just frustrated with the VA process.

Protection order violation — Deputy Snoke went to a residence in Rutland and arrested Michael Bailey, age 27, for an alleged protection order violation. Bailey had just been in County Court this same date and was notified of the protection order. Upon his release, Bailey allegedly went directly to the residence and violated the order. Bailey was incarcerated pending his appearance on the new charges.

Meth lab — Deputy Snoke was sent to investigate a report of a bottle with a hose coming out of it laying on Long Hollow Road. Deputy Snoke determined that it was a hydrochloric gas generator used in the process of manufacturing methamphetamine. Deputy Barnhart neutralized the generator and properly disposed of it. They also located a used syringe at the scene. These “labs” can be very dangerous, anyone that locates what they think may be a lab is asked not to approach it, but to call it in to the Sheriff’s Office and let the specially trained deputies investigate it.

Feb. 17

EMS assist — Deputy Myers assisted EMS with a patient who had an altered mental status. Deputy Myers secured the scene until EMS units arrived and transported the patient to the hospital.

Drug paraphernalia — Sgt. Patterson and Court Officer Larry Tucker checked on a subject who is on probation. While checking the residence some drug paraphernalia was located. A female, Tekisha Edwards, age 32, claimed ownership of the items and charges will be filed.

Theft — Sgt. Patterson is investigating the theft of guns from a residence in Rutland. She reported the guns were taken from her residence in August 2016. A suspect has been identified, investigation continues.

Night Shift

Feb. 17

Disturbance — A woman called the office advising her son called her from 33205 Beech Grove to advise a man and his wife were in the drive way arguing and was not sure why they are there and that no one should be there but the son. Deputies arrived on scene and contacted the two individuals. They stated that they were there because someone in that house allegedly owed them money over something that had been stolen from them. They told the officer they were not interested in filing a report. They were told to move on and no further action was taken by the officers on this call.

Feb. 18

Prowlers — A resident of Darwin Road advised that he was looking at his cameras and could see people crawling around his house. Deputies arrived on scene and contacted the individual. He stated several accusations about people being around the outside of his home and inside. His ex-wife was there confirming his story. Deputies checked the area and no evidence of anyone being in or around the house was found. When asked to be shown the security recordings of the incident they could not be produced. The residents chose to leave the home for the night and deputies patrolled the area and checked on the home a few times throughout the night. No one was ever seen by the officers. No further action was taken on this call.

Feb. 19

Unruly Juvenile — A resident of State Route 7 called the office at 3 a.m. and advised that her 16-year-old daughter was missing. She was home when the woman returned from work and went to bed and is now gone. Deputies arrived at the home and got the information needed to start a search for the girl. Several calls were made by the family and the sheriff office dispatcher to friends of the missing girl. Dispatch was informed of a possible person in the Reedsville area she may be with and a deputy was sent to his house to check for her. By 4:30 a.m. the missing female was located. She was transported to the sheriff’s office where she was returned to her parents. The investigation into this incident is ongoing and possible charges pending on the male that she was found with in Reedsville.

Burglary — An emergency phone call transferred from EMS from a residence on State Route 681, Darwin, advising a neighbor, Todd Dill, was in the basement and he is not supposed to be there. The first deputy, Sgt. Mohler, arrived on scene and entered the home through the busted hole in the basement door. One of the home owners was at the top of the stairs trying to keep the suspect from getting further into the home. Sgt. Mohler engaged the suspect to get his attention away from the home owner and placed him against the wall and attempted to handcuff him. Dill resisted being handcuffed. The second officer, Deputy Babb, arrived on scene. Once the second deputy arrived, the suspect increased his resistance and was tased by Deputy Babb. The taser had no effect on the suspect. The deputies then wrestled him to the floor and handcuffed him. It was determined that the suspect was allegedly on meth. Due to his state of impairment and the minor injuries he had sustained busting the glass basement door, he was taken to the ER and medically cleared then transported to jail to await an initial appearance on burglary charges.

Staff Report