Racine Council approves permanent appropriations

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RACINE — Racine Village Council approved annual appropriations, as well as equipment and a grant for the police department during its February meeting.

A permanent appropriations ordinance was approved in the amount of $2,757,383.92, with $2,112,997.12 in water project funds, meaning the village operations appropriation is $644,386.80.

A breakdown of appropriations is as follows:

  • General fund: $121,444

  • Street fund: $30,100

  • State Highway: $2,390

  • Cemetery operations: $13,960

  • Law enforcement trust fund: $1,000

  • Fire fund: $75,250

  • Park festival: $30,000

  • Cemetery endowment: $27,888.07

  • Water revenue: $211,050

  • Water leak insurance: $3,000

  • Utility deposit: $34.73

  • Refuse collection: $128,270

  • Waterline project: $2,112,977.12

Council approved the first reading of the rate and pay ordinance providing a pay increase for the fiscal officer and clarifying pay for council members.

A representative from Kinder Insurance met with council to discuss the village’s insurance coverage. The village has had insurance under the Ohio Plan through Kinder Insurance for the past 28 years. For 2017, the village received a $1,313 premium renewal credit based on the timely response to risk management recommendations, overall claims/loss experience, and number of consecutive years of membership in the Ohio Plan.

The first reading of the refuse ordinance was approved One part of the ordinance is the require customers outside of the village that make use of the metal dumpsters to pay a first time setup fee then pay the monthly charge. At the present time, the village is hampered to collect if the customer does not pay the monthly bill.

Marshal Shane Bell discussed the $5,000 JAG grant that is available to the village. After several minutes of discussion, a a motion to approve the grant upon presentation of paper work to the fiscal officer was approved.

Council also approved the purchase of five PhaZZers with holsters and extra cartridges for $400. Jeff Morris, who was a former taser trainer, will be trained on the use of the new equipment.

Council was informed that a resident had complained about almost being t-boned at the Broadway and Willow Alley intersection. The resident wanted a stop sign installed, and claimed that if there was an accident there without a stop sign the village would be liable.

Mayor Scott Hill advised that he and Village Administrator John Holman were aware of the complaint and that both had gone to the intersection to see how a stop sign could be legally placed, something that is still being worked on.

During discussion on the matter it was noted that a motorist, when entering a street or highway, must yield even if a stop sign is not present, therefore the village would not be liable.

Hill reported that the water line replacement project is proceeding nicely, noting that he was sorry for the mud and some street blockages, but when completed all waterlines will be plastic lines.

Council approved the minutes of the January meeting, a list of bills to be paid and the financial statement as presented.

During a special meeting held to appoint a representative to the Syracuse-Racine Regional Sewer District Board, council approved the appointment of Ian Wise to the board as a Racine representative for a four year term to begin on March 1. Dale Hart is Racine’s other representative to the board.

Information for this article submitted by Councilman Robert Beegle.

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