Southern Local power outage disrupts classes

By Lorna Hart -

RACINE — Students, teachers and staff at Southern Local Schools in Racine had an unexpected day off Tuesday. After the school lost power Monday afternoon, classes were canceled until the problem could be corrected.

The power loss was due to an overloaded 500 kilovolts (kV) three-prong transformer.

According to Southern Local School District Superintendent Anthony Deem, there was discussion by American Electric Power at the time the addition was added to the school as to the kilovolts (kV) size of the transformer needed.

“They decided to go with 500 kV transformer,” Dean said. “And yesterday, when the kV went to 680 and the transformer burned up, it apparently wasn’t enough”

Back-up generations kept refrigerators and freezers in the kitchen operational, but all other equipment, including telephones, air conditioning and lighting were out.

AEP installed a 1,000 kV transformer and power was restored to the school by 1:30 p.m. A technician required to reset all services that use electricity within the school, was expected to arrive later Tuesday afternoon.

Deem said the school should be back to normal by Wednesday when classes resume.

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By Lorna Hart