For the record: Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Jan. 18

Well being check — Deputy Babb along with Deputy King picked up a juvenile who was having suicidal thoughts. Deputy Babb transported the juvenile to Meigs County Sheriff’s Office and contacted the parents and Woodland Centers.

Drug activity — Deputy Babb and Sgt. Griffin were dispatched to Syracuse boat ramp to check on a male that had been sleeping or passed out for several hours in a truck. When deputies arrived on scene they found a man and woman sleeping inside the vehicle. Deputy Babb woke the subjects up to make sure they were okay and while speaking with them Deputy Babb could smell the odor of marijuana. When the man exited the vehicle Sgt. Griffin reportedly noticed a bottle that appeared to have marijuana inside. Upon further search of the vehicle deputies reportedly located a loaded syringe along with backpacks containing crystal methamphetamine, marijuana, scales and additional syringes. Charges pending.

Jan. 19

Open door — Deputy Myers responded to an open door at a residence on State Route 7. A woman called in to report that she left her residence for a short time and when she returned the front door was open. Deputy Myers cleared the residence and nobody was located inside. Nothing was missing from the residence. Investigation continues.

Unruly juvenile — School Resource Officer (SRO) Deputy Riley investigated a report of chronic tardiness at Southern Middle School. Middle School Principal Kent Wolfe reported the students have been late for most the school year even though they live in close proximity to the school. Unruly charges will be filed.

Court papers — Deputies served two court papers.

Jan. 20

Court papers — Deputies served six court papers.

Alarm call — Deputy King responded to an alarm activation at a residence on New Lima. Once on scene Deputy King made contact with the property owners who said they were having problems with the alarm and everything was okay.

Jan. 21

Breaking and entering — Deputy Perry is investigating a report from a resident of Limberger Ridge, who reported that some of his outbuildings had been entered and an unknown number of items taken. Anyone with information on this is asked to call the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office at 740-992-3371.

Jan. 22

Deceased — Deputies responded to a residence on Rainbow Ridge in reference to a deceased female. Deputies, along with medics and the assistant coroner determined the death was due to natural causes.

Prowlers — Deputy Snoke responded to a residence located in Harrisonville in reference to a suspicious male being on the back porch. The male was later identified and was issued a summons to appear for criminal trespass.

Investigate complaint — Deputies Snoke and Smith responded to a possible meth lab located alongside the road in Antiquity. The Deputies arrived and searched the area but were unable to locate any items used in the assembly of meth.

Disturbance — Deputies were dispatched to Salem Street in Rutland for a disturbance. They arrived in the area and found a woman walking along the road with no shoes. Contact was made and she advised that she had been at a friend’s house with her husband and an argument started with other couple that deteriorated into a fight with the other couple. She left on foot and her husband left in a vehicle. Deputies went to the residence and spoke with the other couple. No one involved wanted any charges. The parties were separated for the night and no further action was taken on this call.

Assault — The office received a call from a resident on Route 681, Tuppers Plains, about a fight in her yard. Deputies arrived on scene and made contact with the victims. Both subjects advised they had been assaulted by a man and woman who had shown up at the house. When they went outside to see why they were there, they were attacked. Deputies then went to a residence on Sumner Road and spoke to the suspects about the alleged assault. Both admitted to being there and fighting. They were advised that a charge for assault would be filed against them with the court and to stay away from the victims.

Animal at large — The office received a call from a resident of New Portland Road advising there was a pig in the road that has now come onto her porch and tried to take her Mt. Dew. Deputies Snoke and Smith arrived on the scene and found the pig still on the caller’s porch. The owner could not be located. Dispatch contacted the Humane Society but they were unable to respond to the scene. Deputy Snoke advised that it was a friendly little black pig and he would transport the animal to meet them. The pig was transport to Five Points and turned over to the Humane Society. A pig doing what pigs do, the patrol car then had to be cleaned.

Jan. 23

Investigate complaint — Sgt. Griffin spoke with a female who came to the office seeking advice about some issues that have been taking place between her and her husband recently. Sgt. Griffin advised the female of her rights and who to make contact with if the situation continues.

Jan. 24

Investigate complaint — Deputy Patterson received a complaint about a silver Dodge Dakota that was dumping trash on Bigley Ridge Road. Upon further investigation, no trash dumps were discovered.

Investigate complaint — Deputy Perry responded to a residence on Coolville Road in reference to a stolen side-by-side. A report was taken, and later that evening, the side-by-side was recovered by authorities in Wood County West Virginia.

Medic assist — Deputies responded to a residence in Syracuse after receiving a call of a suicidal female. Upon arrival, it was determined that the female was not a threat to herself or others.

Jan. 25

Domestic complaint — Deputies responded to a residence located in Chester to investigate a complaint of domestic violence. Upon arrival, it was determined that nothing criminal had taken place and the female left the residence.