Langsville man pleads guilty to felony charges

By Sarah Hawley -

POMEROY — A Langsville man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to felony charges from an August 2016 stabbing incident.

Edward L. Mitchell, 61, pleaded guilty to charges of felonious assault, a second-degree felony, and tampering with evidence, a third-degree felony.

Mitchell’s son, Benjamin Mitchell, also has pending charges in connection with the incident.

A status hearing regarding a “not guilty by reason of insanity” report is scheduled for Monday in the case against Benjamin Mitchell.

Edward Mitchell was also indicted on two counts of kidnapping, first-degree felonies. Should Mitchell follow the terms of the plea agreement regarding his testimony in the case against his son, the kidnapping charges, as well as two previous county court cases, would be dismissed.

The plea agreement, as stated in court by Meigs County Prosecutor James K. Stanley, calls for Edward Mitchell to be sentenced to seven years in prison on the charge of felonious assault, as well as five years of community control on the charge of tampering with evidence.

Edward Mitchell must also testify truthfully in the case against his son.

When asked by Judge I. Carson Crow if he was in fact guilty of the charges against him, Edward Mitchell replied “I believe I am sir.”

Edward Mitchell stated in court that he was a 24 year veteran of the Air Force.

Crow questioned how a man who spent 20-plus years in the Air Force found himself in the current situation. It doesn’t make sense what he is alleged to have done, stated Crow.

Mitchell simply stated that he believed the information would come out in the testimony.

Defense attorney Karyn Justice said it was a very sad situation for all of those involved.

According to previous Sentinel reports, law enforcement was called to a residence on Hampton Hollow Road for a reported stabbing. Sheriff’s deputies and emergency medical services arrived on scene and reportedly found the victim with “stab wounds and severe lacerations about her face, arms and body.”

At the time of the incident, a witness statement given named Benjamin Mitchell as the alleged perpetrator.

Edward Mitchell reportedly gave a statement that the knife attack occurred in his residence as his son Ben Mitchell allegedly attacked him and a female victim. Edward Mitchell reportedly told law enforcement he escaped the house and later returned to find his vehicle stolen.

By Sarah Hawley