Mugrage begins as Clerk of Courts Dec. 1

By Sarah Hawley -

Sammi Mugrage

Sammi Mugrage

POMEROY — Beginning on Thursday there will be a new Clerk of Courts in Meigs County.

Sammi Mugrage was elected to the position officially earlier this month, and was scheduled to begin that term in January 2017.

With the announcement a few weeks ago that Clerk of Courts Diane Lynch would retire at the end of November, the commissioners appointed Mugrage to fill the vacancy, in essence beginning her term a month early.

While new to the Clerk of Courts position, Mugrage is no stranger to the court system.

Mugrage has worked in Meigs County Common Pleas Court for more than 17 years, most recently as the Court Reporter.

“As a result I have acquired an extensive knowledge of the court system and clerk of courts operations that would serve as an invaluable resource to me as clerk,” said Mugrage.

Mugrage said that she is looking forward to the transition into the Clerk position and plans to work along side the employees of the office.

The Clerk of Courts not only oversees the Clerk of Courts office, but the Title office as well.

Looking at future plans in her new position, she plans to work toward making files more accessible for the public and those who wish to view the files. She will also be working with others in the office and the court system to prioritize what needs to be adjusted to make things smoother in the office. Any adjustments and changes will take time as the court system includes numerous documents and files.

One update that is in the works is a new system in the Title office that will make things quicker and more efficient.

As for staffing, Mugrage said she would take some time in the position to decide if an additional staff person would be needed in the clerk’s office.

“I plan to work right along side them (the current employees of the office),” said Mugrage. ” I plan to rely on them as much as I hope they can rely on me. I am excited to get out there.”

“I am fortunate to have a knowledgeable staff,” said Mugrage.

Mugrage thanked the commissioners and other office holders for helping to ensure a smooth transition.

“I am anxious to be part of the team to meet the needs of the county and provide a better experience for them,” Mugrage stated.

“I am thankful for the support of my family, friends and fellow voters,” said Mugrage of being elected to the position.

Mugrage is a 1996 graduate of Southern High School and a lifelong resident of Meigs County. She and her husband, Travis, have two daughters Avary and Bella.

Sammi Mugrage Mugrage

By Sarah Hawley