Voters reject Alexander Local Schools levy

Staff Report -

OHIO VALLEY — Voters in portions of three counties have rejected a proposed 1.5 percent income tax levy for Alexander Local Schools.

Alexander Local Schools covers a portion of Meigs County, Vinton County and Athens County. The majority of the district is in Athens County.

In Athens County, there were 2,491 votes against the levy and 1,945 for the levy.

In Meigs County, the levy received 213 votes for and 306 votes against. In Vinton County, there were 13 votes for the levy and 4 against. The precinct in Vinton County was the lone precinct where voters approved the levy. It was voted down in each of the eight precincts in Athens County, as well as the one in Meigs County.

Overall, 2,801 voted against the levy and 2,171 for it.

According to the district website, this was the first operating levy the district had put before the voters since 1991.

Staff Report