Meigs County backs Trump — as does Ohio

Portman, Johnson reelected

By Sarah Hawley -

MEIGS COUNTY — Meigs County voters backed Republican candidates for President, United States Senate and United States House of Representatives in Tuesday’s General Election — and it appears the rest of the state agreed.

Donald J. Trump received more than 72 percent of the vote in Meigs County and has been called the winner of the key state of Ohio as of 10:50 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

Trump received 6,869 votes in Meigs County to 2,157 votes for Hillary Clinton.

While he has won Ohio, it is unknown as of Sentinel press time if Trump or Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

Meigs County voters also backed incumbent Rob Portman (R) for the United States Senate seat. Portman received 6,107 votes to 2,580 for former-Governor Ted Strickland. Portman was called the winner by the Associated Press early on Tuesday evening.

In the 6th District United States House of Representatives race, incumbent Republican Bill Johnson defeated challenger Michael L. Lorentz in both Meigs County and the district as a whole. Johnson received 6,647 votes to 2,295 votes for Lorentz in Meigs County.

In Meigs County, 9,617 of the 15,148 registered voters cast ballots according to the unofficial results, with 2,498 of those ballots coming in absentee and early voting.

Vote totals from the state of Ohio were not available as of Sentinel press time on Tuesday night.

Unofficial results

(Meigs County totals)

President — Hillary Clinton (D): 2,157; Richard Duncan: 62; Gary Johnson: 263: Jill Stein (G): 59; Donald J. Trump (R): 6,869.

U.S. Senator — Tom Connors: 124; Joseph R. DeMare (G): 117; Rob Portman (R): 6,107; Scott Rupert: 137; Ted Strickland (D): 2,580.

U.S. Representative, 6th District — Bill Johnson (R): 6,647; Michael L. Lorentz (D): 2,295.

Portman, Johnson reelected

By Sarah Hawley