Edwards wins 94th District race

Hoagland leads Gentile in State Senate race

MEIGS COUNTY — Republican candidate Jay Edwards defeated Democrat Sarah Grace in the 94th District House of Representatives race according to unofficial election results on Tuesday night.

Edwards, of Nelsonville, won three of the district’s four counties, including Meigs, according to the Ohio Secretary of State website’s election results.

Edwards secured nearly 75 percent of the vote in Meigs County, defeating Grace by a total of 6,743 to 2,330 in Meigs County.

Likewise, Edwards had a wide margin of victory in Washington and Vinton counties. In Washington County, Edwards received 9,271 votes to 4,538 for Grace. In Vinton County it was 1,210 for Edwards and 654 for Grace.

Grace did win in Athens County, although by less than 2,000 votes. Grace received 13,375 votes to 11,425 for Edwards.

Overall, Edwards received 28,649 votes to 20,897 for Grace in the unofficial results.

With only 12 precincts remaining to report in the State Senate 30th District race, Frank Hoagland (R) is leading incumbent Lou Gentile (D) by a margin of 79,387 to 71,647. The remaining precincts to report as of Sentinel press time include eight precincts in Carroll County and four precincts in Jefferson County.

Hoagland received slightly more than 65 percent of the vote in Meigs County, defeating Gentile by a total of 5,794 to 3,041 in Meigs County.

In the Fourth District Court of Appeals race, Meigs County voters favored incumbent Matthew McFarland (R) by a total of 3,571 to 2,522 over challenger Valarie Gerlach.

With 45 of 578 precints in the Fourth District Court of Appeals voting area remaining to report, McFarland holds a 120,780 to 61,241 lead over Gerlach.

In the Ohio Supreme Court races, voters in Meigs County favored Pat DeWine over Cynthia Rice and John P. O’Donnell over Pat Fischer. Both of those races remain undetermined as of press time, with vote totals from across the state to impact the race.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Maureen O’Connor was unopposed in her bid for reelection.

Debbie Phillips received the support of Meigs County voters for the State Board of Education, 8th District. Phillips received 3,592 votes in a five-way race. Nancy P. Hollister came in second in Meigs County with 1,716 votes. The district includes several other counties in the region. Hollister currently holds the lead district wide with a few precincts in Stark and Jefferson counties remaining.

Provisional ballots, including 644 in Meigs County remain to be counted. It is unknown how many provisional ballots remain in the other counties.

Unofficial results

(Meigs County totals)

State Senator, 30th District — Lou Gentile (D): 3,041; Frank Hoagland (R): 5,794.

State Representative, 94th District — Jay Edwards (R): 6,743; Sarah Grace (D): 2,330.

State Board of Education, 8th District — Vickie D. Briercheck: 445; Craig Brown: 1,131; Nancy P. Hollister: 1,716; Debbie Phillips: 3,592; Kathleen Purdy: 372.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court — Maureen O’Connor: 5,762.

Justice of the Supreme Court (Jan. 1 term) — Pat Fischer (R): 3,170; John P. O’Donnell (D): 3,293.

Justice of the Supreme Court (Jan. 2 term) — Pat DeWine (R): 4,575; Cynthia Rice (D): 2,407.

Fourth District Court of Appeals — Valarie K. Gerlach (D): 2,522; Matthew W. McFarland (R): 3,571.

Hoagland leads Gentile in State Senate race