Meigs voters approve tax levies; reject aggregation

By Sarah Hawley -

MEIGS COUNTY — Meigs County voters supported local tax levies in Tuesday’s general election.

In unofficial results, voters approved levies for the Meigs County Health Department and Carleton School/Meigs Industries, as well as each of the township and village levies.

“Passage of the tax levy supports the well being of all our residents. We want to thank God for the favor and of course we are very grateful to the Meigs County voters for recognizing and appreciating public health and the work done by the staff of the Meigs County Health Department throughout our community,” said Health Department Administrator Courtney Midkiff of the passage of the levy.

The health department levy was approved 5,320 (58.84 percent) to 3,722 (41.16 percent). The levy was a 1-mill replacement levy for the general expenses of the health department.

The Carleton School and Meigs Industries levy was approved by a margin of more than 2,500 votes in the unofficial count.

The levy was a renewal of the 2-mill, five-year levy which had been approved by voters in 2006 and 2011. The levy funds are for the maintenance, capital construction and operations of the programs.

The lone ballot measure to be defeated in Meigs County was the matter of electric aggregation.

Electric aggregation received 3,700 votes (44.41 percent) for aggregation and 4,632 votes (55.59 percent) against aggregation.

Each of the village and township levies put before the voters were approved in the unofficial results.

Meigs County voters in a portion of the county voted on the Alexander School District income tax levy. The levy is also voted on by voters in Athens and Vinton counties. In Meigs County, the vote total was 213 for, 306 against. Results from the other counties were not available as of press time.

A total of 644 provisional ballots remain to be counted throughout the county. Those votes will be counted during the official vote count on Nov. 21.

Additionally, all local races for office in Meigs County were unopposed in the general election. Incumbents Michael Bartrum (commissioner), Randy Smith (commissioner), Keith Wood (sheriff), Kay Hill (recorder), Peggy Yost (treasurer), and Eugene Triplett (engineer) will retain their positions. Sammi Sisson Mugrage will be the new clerk of courts and James K. Stanley the new prosecutor after both defeated the incumbents in the primary election.

Unofficial results


Health Department — For: 5,320; Against: 3,722.

Carleton School/Meigs Industries — For: 5,805; Against: 3,255.

Electric Aggregation — For: 3,700; Against: 4,632.

Middleport Village Police — For: 481; Against: 271.

Middleport Village Current Expenses — For: 393; Against 338.

Middleport Village Fire — For: 544; Against: 204.

Pomeroy Village Cemetery — For: 362; Against: 176.

Pomeroy Village Fire — For: 394; Against: 145.

Pomeroy Village Current Expenses — For: 290; Against: 235.

Racine Village Current Expenses — For: 223; Against: 83.

Syracuse Village Fire (1-mill) — For: 254; Against: 115.

Syracuse Village Fire (.5-mill) — For: 241; Against: 113.

Chester Twp. Roads — For: 783; Against: 365.

Lebanon Twp. Roads — For: 190; Against: 146.

Letart Twp. Cemetery — For: 229; Against: 104.

Olive Twp. Cemetery — For: 469; Against: 210.

Orange Twp. Fire — For: 319; Against: 171.

Rutland Twp. Roads — For: 577; Against: 314.

Rutland Twp. Cemetery — For: 598; Against: 283.

Salem Twp. Fire — For: 264; Against: 93.

Salem Twp. Roads — For: 235; Against: 112.

Salisbury Twp. Fire — For: 440; Against: 288.

Alexander Local Schools (Meigs County numbers only) — For: 213; Against: 306.


Commissioner (Jan. 2 term) — Randy Smith: 6,261.

Commissioner (Jan. 3 term) — Michael Bartrum: 6,103.

Prosecuting Attorney — James K. Stanley: 6,689.

Clerk of Courts — Sammi Sisson Mugrage: 6,637.

Sheriff — Keith O. Wood: 7,823.

Recorder — Kay Hill: 6,930.

Treasurer — Peggy Yost: 7,428.

Engineer — Eugene Triplett: 6,939.

By Sarah Hawley