Pomeroy Alumni holds banquet

POMEROY — After an absence of two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 155 Pomeroy High School alumni gathered in the Meigs High School cafeteria in May for their annual banquet.

Alumni President Willam Young (1961) served as Master of Ceremonies and welcomed the alumni, after which George Hoffman (1964) led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Invocation by John Bryant (1960).

Following the banquet meal, recognition of all classes was given.

Sara Hawk Cullums (1938) was the oldest alumni attending and was celebrating 84 years since her graduation from Meigs High School. She was given a purple and white flower arrangement by the alumni.

Other alumni attending were 1946, celebrating 76 years: Howard Mullen; 1948: William Knight; 1950: Betty Genheimer Knight; 1951: Yvonne Roush Richardson, Alexandria, and JoAnn Jones Williams; 1952: Shirley Beegle Huston, John Foster, Guy Guinther; Phyllis Meier May and Mary Stace Powell; 1953: Kenneth Cole and Ed Kennedy; 1954: Ray Hines; 1955: Roger Hines, Flora Hayes Karnes, Bill Hysell, Marlene Brown Reinhart, Albany; Mary Donna Hemsley Davis, Stacie Arnold, Harley Johnson, Tom Smith and Janet Bowers Venoy.

1956: Dorothy Stark Amberger, John Young, Shirley Bowers Bumgardner, Mary Scott Wise, and Janice Riffle Reuter; 1957: Ted Beegle, Barbara Donovan Mylin, Janet Struble Williamson, April Shasteen Smith and Carolyn Sisson Teaford; 1958; Marcia Grueser Arnold; 1959: Janet Carpenter Young, Sandra Smith, Gene Romine, Leon Sauters, and Kathryn Slack Johnson; 1960: William Gibbs, Lexington, Richard and Marilyn Blackwood Poulin, John Bryant, Marilyn Stockton Martin, Sharon Douglas Swindell, Paul Roush, Karen Drake Smith, Don Spencer and Vincent Knight.

1961: Kaaron Kelton Austin, Edna Carman Stalder, Roberta Hoover Dillon, Sally Foster Williams, Michael Roberts, Carol Sargent Sprouse, Michael Swatzel, Willa Brown Russell, Nancy Eichinger Hubbard, Edwina Bell, Donald Sayre, Nelora Mossman and William Young; 1962: Nancy Skinner Grueser, Jean Casto Hilton, Connie Roush Devore, Christine Faber Sauters, Judy Hewetson Dixon and Carla Dill Carter; 1963: Douglas and Sandra London Moore, Rick Crow, Judy Wehrung Sisson, Roger Young and Allen Downie; 1964: Louanna Leonard, Danny Smith, Cindy Swatzel Winebrenner, Patricia Fields, George Hoffman, Yvonne Beal Young, Don Mayer and Linda Grueser Hudson.

1965: Jean Phelps Cleland, Linda Darnell Mayer, Joan Hewetson Anderson and Donna Hauck Carr; 1966: David Goodwin, Bill Francis, Sandra Gilmore, Charlotte Lambert, Jay Russell, Rex Cummings, Chris Thompkins, Gail St. Clair and Bennett Roush, Carson Crow, Sharon Biggs, Guy Sargent, and Bill Nease; 1967: Raymond Zirkle, Jennifer Blakeslee Butcher, Mary Francis Rose, Nancy Titus Karnes, Bill Radford, Clarence Lightfoot and Opal Offutt Grueser; 1968: Bonnie Banks Lightfoot.

The nominating committee nominated the following officers for 2023: William Young, President; William Francis, First Vice president; Yvonne Beal Young, Second Vice president and Marcia Grueser Arnold, Secretary-Treasurer. The Executive Committee is Mary Scott Wise, April Shasteen Smith, Judy Wehrung Sisson, Lila Terrel Mitch, Charlene Diehl Rutherford and Patricia Douglas Arnold. The Advisory Committee is Carolyn Sisson Teaford, Ed Kennedy and JoAnn Jones Williams.

Scholarship winners were announced. They are: Isaac Jacob McCarty, winner of a Pomeroy High School Alumni scholarship in the amount of $1,000 and grandson of Clarence Lightfoot (1967) and Bonnie Banks Lightfoot (1968). Winner of a second Pomeroy High School Alumni scholarship in the amount of $1,000 is Olivia Michelle Harris, granddaughter of Jane Grueser Harris and great granddaughter of Carrie Hite Grueser (1929).

Recipient of the Dan E. and Robert Morris scholarship in amount of $1,000 is Nathaniel Johnson, grandson of Ray Johnson (1957) and Betty Hamm Johnson (1959).

Recipient of the Robert and Sheila Strauss Eastman $1,000 Scholarship is Coulter Cleland who is the grandson of Henry (Hank) Cleland, (1963).

Recipient of the Raymond E. Boice/E.E. Lewis scholarship in the amount of $1,000 is Emma Doczi, the granddaughter of Virginia Cunningham Lee (1967).

Recipient of the William A. Young Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 is Adam Kritzwiser, the great-grandson of William Sheridan (1956) and Rachel Genheimer Sheridan (1957).

First recipient of a $1,000 Charles and Ellen Gibbs Scholarship for education is John Tanner Lisle, grandson of John Lisle (1965) and Ruetta Wells Crow (1965. Second recipient of a Gibbs scholarship for education in amount of $500 is Lillian Grace Allen, great-granddaughter of Robert (Artie Foo) Burton.

It was noted that the Pomeroy Alumni Association has been giving scholarships since 1973, but the amounts were not recorded until 2004. Since 2004, we have given over $100,000 in scholarships to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Pomeroy Alumni.

Submitted by Marcia Arnold.