RACO plans spring yard sale, food drive

The Racine Area Community Organization held its regular monthly meeting recently at the Kathryn Hart Community Center.

The secretary and treasurer’s reports were presented and approved. The dates for the spring yard sale were set for Thursday, May 5, Friday May 6, and Saturday, May 7, to be held at Star Mill Park. RACO has two yard sales each year (spring and fall ) and all proceeds are used for scholarships that our awarded to Southern High School graduates. Donations are currently being accepted.

RACO members to reach for making donations are: Sherry Werry 740-416-1324, Tonja Hunter 740-508-0044, and Kim Romine 740-992-2067 or 740-992-7079. Applications for scholarships this year will be handed out at Southern High School on Wednesday, March 2, at 8a.m. This application will include: RACO Scholarships, Jim Adams Memorial, Clarence & Ruth Bradford Memorial, Racine Enqinuity Scholarship, Vinas Lee Educational Scholarship, Miss Suzanne Memorial, Carl B. Weese Memorial, Jean Alkire Memorial, Jean Alkire Educational, Kathryn Hart Memorial, Frank & Deloris Cleland Memorial, Helping Hands Scholarship, Roy & Alice Adkins Educational Opportunity Scholarship, Todd Grindstaff Memorial, Roscoe Mills, Jr. Memorial, and Don & Susie Grueser Memorial Scholarship.

RACO is also planning to hold a food drive at Dollar General on May 14. All proceeds made will be donated to the Meigs Cooperative Parish.

The next RACO meeting was set for Tuesday, March 22, at 6:30p.m. at the Kathryn Hart Community Center at Southern High School.

Dale Hart led in the Pledge to the Flag to close the meeting. New members are always welcome.

Submitted by Melanie Weese.