TOPS holds meeting

TUPPERS PLAINS — TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) OH#2013 Tuppers Plains met for their weekly meeting at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Judy Morgan, leader, called the meeting to order by calling for the TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) and KOPS (Keep off Pounds Sensibly) pledges. Then members recited the Pledge to the American flag.

The group sang songs: “Zipping the Pounds Off” and “Your KOPS Gals”.

Weight recorder, Roberta Henderson gave the roll call for members. The weekly best losers were Roberta Henderson and May Frost. Kathy McDaniel was announced as best loser for January and February. The meeting was a “no gain” meeting.

Kathy McDaniel, secretary pro tem, gave the Secretary’s report with one correction noted. The Treasurer’s report was given by Connie Rankin with the report accepted as read.

Belated birthday cards were signed for Pat Snedden, Dixie Carpenter and Nola Easterling.

After discussion the group decided to opt out of attending the State Recognition Day (SRD) in Akron on May 7-8. This was due to COVID. Previously SRD’s have been well attended by the group annually.

Leader, Judy Morgan read a letter from TOPS Area Coordinator, Diane Hurbert.

The chapter’s Marble Game has begun again. It was announced that Veggie Bingo would re-start the first weigh-in in April. The 50/50 game will be in April as well.

Election of officers will be in July.

Judy presented a program from the TOPS magazine, “Low Carb Recipes” and gave the group handouts titled, “Smart Snacking”. She also opened a group discussion about five ways to do a smart swap of sweets.

Pat Snedden presented “50 Low Carb Snack Ideas”. The group shared ideas in open discussion. Open discussion is a very important part of the TOPS meetings. It is where members share successes and failures as well as obtain ideas and receive inspiration from one another. Because TOPS sisters/brothers struggle with the common issue of weight control or maintenance this support is vital to success.

The last topic of discussion was Leader Judy asking the group, “What is your go-to snack?” Members shared their favorites.

“If you are looking to shed a few COVID/quarantine pounds or just want to lose weight to fit into your summer clothes this just might be the group for you. After all, it is the friendliest TOPS group in town. You are welcome to come regardless of age, weight or gender. After all, it’s all about being healthy and feeling good about yourself. This could be the first step in being a better you,” stated the group.

The group dismissed by repeating the socially distanced Helping Hand Circle poem.

TOPS information can be obtained from the TOPS website at, by calling Leader, Judy Morgan at 740-667-6641 or by contacting any TOPS member. Weekly meetings take place on Mondays at 6 p.m. at the Tuppers Plains United Methodist Church, 42216 State Route 7, in Tuppers Plains, Ohio.

Information provided by Kathy McDaniel.