Working toward weight loss goals sensibly

The TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) group met recently for their weekly meetings. The TOPS and KOPS pledges were repeated by all members. Applause was given for the KOPS. (those who have met their weight goal and are maintaining within a 10lb range allocated via TOPS Inc.) The Pledge to the American Flag was recited.

Leader Judy Morgan called the meeting to order and Cindy Hyde led the group in TOPS songs: “Lift Those Spirits High”, “Roll out the Barrel”, “Your Cheatin’ Mouth” and “We are Staying on a Diet”.

There were ten members weighing in at each of the two meetings according to Weight Recorder, Roberta Henderson. Kathy McDaniel and Judy Morgan were named as best losers.

Connie Rankin gave the Treasurer’s reports and Cindy Hyde read the Secretary’s reports. There were no additions or corrections.

Cindy Hyde won the Marble game.

The group said thank you to Pat Snedden for her help in getting Chapter T-shirts.

Leader, Judy Morgan reminded members that the “Six Week Gift” game starts Oct 19. This is where members bring 6 wrapped gifts. Gifts can be won by member’s weight staying the same or not gaining each week until Nov 23. The gift opening will be at the Christmas party on Dec 7. There will also be a $10 gift exchange at the party.

The Chapter’s Open House will be Jan 18, 2021. There will be further discussion on this at the next meeting.

Leader, Judy Morgan announced that Diane Herbert, Area Coordinator will be at the next meeting on Oct 12.

It was decided that members could use the Messenger closed group thread to post during the week. It’s an open forum for recipes, exercise ideas, information or encouragement. Assistant weight recorder, Pat Snedden had an open video chat one evening with members who wanted to participate.

Perfect attendance awards were given to Pat Snedden, May Frost and Roberta Henderson for July, August and September 2020. Judy Coen was recognized for perfect attendance for the month of July, Cindy Hyde for the month of August and Judy Morgan, Connie Rankin and Mary Rankin for the month of September. Members were given “charms”.

Gifts were given to Carlene Tripplett and Judy Morgan for their 6 week weight loss.

Programs were by May Frost and Kathy McDaniel. May’s program was an open discussion on what members (who lost weight) did in order to obtain the weight loss. Some of these strategies included: getting rid of all of the unhealthy foods in the kitchen, eating less than 1200 calories a day, changing exercise program, cutting snaking in the evening and just back to basics healthy eating. May also talked from an article “Are Your Medications Working against You?” Members were encouraged to talk to their doctor if there were any concerns about medications.

Kathy’s program was about the nutritional value of eggs the safety of egg storage. She said that eggs are a good calorie value considering that there is 6gm of protein in each egg. She talked about the safe way to store eggs. Each member received a boiled egg with a tip about eggs written on it.

Members are to wear their TOPS Chapter T-Shirts next week for a picture.

Veggie Bingo was played with top winners: Pat Snedden, Cindy Hyde and Kathy McDaniel.

Due to the coronavirus regulation we would like to remind everyone that our meetings are held with social distancing observed. This is to ensure that all of our meetings are safe for everyone who attends. Masks are also encouraged.

The meeting was dismissed by repeating the Helping Hand Circle poem. Social distancing was strictly observed.

TOPS information can be obtained from the TOPS website at, by calling Leader, Judy Morgan at 740-667-6641 or by contacting any TOPS member. Weekly meetings take place on Mondays at 6 p.m. at the Tuppers Plains United Methodist Church, 42216 OH St RT 7, in Tuppers Plains, Ohio.

Information submitted by Kathy McDaniel.