DAR hears 19th Amendment presentation

The meeting was called to order by Registrar Opal Grueser in absence of both Gina Tillis, Rgent, and Lynne Brinker, Vice Regent. The Star Spangled Banner was read in unison, DAR Rituals repeated, and Pledge to American Flag recited by members. The secretary’s report given by Linda Russell, and treasurer report given by Donna Jenkins.

The program was presented, “The Nineteenth Amendment” with a slide show presented by Tahnee Andrews, DAR member, in the absence of the scheduled speaker, Regent Gina Tillis.

The Nineteenth Amendment declared the women’s right to vote June 4, 1919. Some things happenings that year were: U.S. population was 104 million; 1.4 percent unemployment rate noted;President of U.S. was Woodrow Wilson; Cincinnati Reds were baseball champions; Chicago was established as the Jazz capitol; a new home cost $5,000; a new car cost $826; life expectancy was males 53 1/2 yrs, and females 56 years; influenza killed 185,000 people in U.S.; and Einstein proved space gravity to be wrong. Also postage stamps were 2-3 cents; Grand Canyon was declared a National Park; President Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive stroke; Liberace was born that year; Babe Ruth was sold; Charlie Chaplin did his first film, and Felix the Cat first appeared as a cartoon. The program was of much interest to the members.

The Business part of the meeting then was presented by Registrar Grueser, announcing the new President General of DAR this term is Denise Van Buren. She stated that there were over 400 members that attended Fall Fun Fair in August. Continental Hall is now under construction.

Former member, June Ashley (now deceased) family members Keith and Emma Ashley were there to present a gift of $500 to the DAR in her memory,

Ohio now has 6,200 members in DAR.

Conservation: Donna Jenkins, and Dawn Ruhinen passed out milkweed seed to members for planting for conservation.

Member, Wilma Mansfield gave a short talk on Women’s Health Issues, encouraging everyone to get their flu vaccine.

National Defense Report was given by Nancy Grueser, and Linda Russell read an article for Constitution Week. Opal Grueser had set up a display at the Farmers Bank for Constitution Week also.

At the November meeting members are to bring school supplies and supplies to be sent to military families overseas for sending them boxes for the holidays.

Both the flight of honor to take veterans to Washington, D.C., and Waldschmidt House in Cincinnati need volunteers as escorts.

DAR’s next project will be a meeting at the George Washington’s Marker at Long Bottom on Oct. 18 for cleaning of the site and new dedication plaque. We will be celebrating the refurbishing of work done by Eagle Scout applicant, James Wilcoxen. Members are asked to bring a chair, snack, and drink.

Submitted by Linda Russell.