TOPS holds meeting

TUPPERS PLAINS — TOPS OH#2013 Tuppers Plains met recently at the St. Paul United Methodist Church. Leader, Judy Morgan, called the meeting to order by asking for the TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) and then the KOPS (Keep off Pounds Sensibly) pledges. All members applauded the KOPS for their success to goal and for their weight maintenance. This was followed by the Pledge to the Flag.

The group sang two songs; “Count Them All” and “Gainers Went to TOPS”.

Twelve members answered when weight recorder, Roberta Henderson gave the roll call. Recent weekly best losers are Roberta Henderson, Mary Beth Morrison and May Frost.

The Secretary’s report was given by Mary Beth Morrison and the treasurer’s report was given by Mary Bush. There were neither additions nor corrections.

Connie Rankin gave the contest updates. The Card game and the Marble game are ongoing until a winner is declared.

In old business, Leader, Judy Morgan informed the group that the paperwork has been completed for the chapter to attend the Fall Rally on Oct 19th.

Members were asked to cast secret ballot for the “Chapter Angel”. This is a member who encourages, guides, applauds the success of members and makes the TOPS world brighter. The votes will be tabulated by Fall Rally officials and announced at the event Oct 19.

It was announced that there will be weigh in only on Oct 7.

Connie Rankin led the program on “Ways to Preserve Fall Harvest” from the TOPS magazine. She talked about various ways of preserving vegetables and fruits such as canning, freezing and dehydrating but also added the option of chutney. Chutney is a condiment or sauce that is basically any combination of fruit/vegetables with sugar, vinegar and spices. They are named for the one fruit or vegetable that takes the dominant flavor. Chutney can be preserved by freezing or canning.

Connie then shared the success stories of Ronette Wenberg and Michelle Petitpas. Both were featured in the recent issue of the TOPS magazine. Michelle said that in order to lose weight one has to change your mindset and give yourself the chance to get well and healthy. Both women praised TOPS for the encouragement that helped them to success.

Leader, Judy Morgan asked the KOPS what they are doing to maintain their weight goal. Some of the answers were: exercise every day, reduce stress and eat more protein and vegetables.

Pat Snedden shared with the group an article that she had read about happiness. She said that happiness is something that you have to decide every day. It is a choice. The secret to happiness is to free your heart of hatred, free your head from worry, live simple, give more; expect less and live to enjoy the moment.

Members dismissed by joining hands and reciting the “Helping Hand Circle” poem.

TOPS information can be obtained from the TOPS website at, by calling Leader, Judy Morgan at 740-667-6641 or by contacting any Chapter member. TOPS just may be the long term weight loss solution that you have been looking for. Weekly meetings take place on Mondays at 6 p.m. at the Tuppers Plains United Methodist Church, 42216 OH St RT 7, in Tuppers Plains, Ohio.

Submitted by Kathy McDaniel.