RACO discusses upcoming events

RACINE — On June 25, the Racine Area Community Organization (RACO) held its monthly meeting. After dinner shared among the members, held at the Kathryn Hart Community Center in Racine, the secretary read the minutes and details from the last RACO meeting. Afterwards, the treasurer’s report was presented and approved.

The president began the meeting by discussing old business and reading numerous thank you cards given by past and recent scholarship recipients who expressed gratitude for all of the work that RACO does and has done for their benefit. The president went on to share her approval for a successful turnout at the scholarship dinner and her gratitude for those who helped make the event possible, including Barb Arnold for providing an outstanding dinner, and Lorna Hart for writing and providing an exceptional article on the event. The president wrapped up old business by thanking those who volunteered for the food drive held on Saturday, June 1, and informing the group that the money and food collected was given to the Meigs Cooperative Parish, who was greatly appreciative.

The president opened new business by acknowledging that a donation had been given to the Racine Fire Department for the Independence Day fireworks display of $200. Additionally, member Braxton Thorla, offered another donation for the event in honor of RACO. Regarding the July 4th parade prizes for participation, the following will be awarded for the various categories:

Independence Day parade prize categories

•Floats — 1st, $100; 2nd, $75; 3rd, $50;

•Bicycles — 1st, $25; 2nd, $15; 3rd, $10;

•Walking Units — 1st, $25; 2nd, $15; 3rd,$10;

•Horses — 1st, $50; 2nd, $30; 3rd, $20;

•Antique Vehicles — 1st, $50; 2nd, $30; 3rd, $20;

•Golf Carts/UTV/ATV — 1st, $50; 2nd, $30; 3rd, $20;

•Antique Tractors — 1st, $50; 2nd, $30; 3rd, $20.

RACO would also like to thank the following sponsors of the parade prizes for their continued support: Home National Bank, Dr. Douglas Hunter, Racine Optometric Clinic, Forest Run Ready Mix, AB&T, Beegle Beef Farm, and the Racine Fire Department.

The president confirmed that RACO will participate in the Racine Parade and will plan to participate in the Middleport Parade July 4th evening. Additionally, a motion was made to make a $300 donation for various activities that will take place at Star Mill Park on July 4th,that may include a DJ, food truck, and a frog jumping contest. The motion was approved. The frog jump will be held at Star Mill Park at 5 p.m. Ashli Peterman is currently organizing various events to be held at the park on July 4th starting at approximately 4 p.m. up to the time of the fireworks at 10 p.m.

Next on the agenda was a discussion of the RACO Fall Yard Sale, which is scheduled for Sept. 5-7, 2019. Donations are currently being accepted. To make a donation and schedule a drop off or pick up for donated items please call Tonja Hunter 740-508-0044, Kim Romine 740-992-2067 or 740-992-7079, or Sherrie O’Brien 740-416-1324. RACO appreciates how generous our community is with their donations to our yard sales. All money made at the sales goes toward scholarships for Southern High School graduates. Various items will also need to be purchased, such as bags and wrapping supplies for fragile items and a dolly to move heavier articles.

The president went on to mention the RACO Games, which is potentially scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 26, at the Syracuse Community Center. The theme suggested was The Price is Right! Prizes for the event must be decided upon now so that sponsorship for the items may be chosen. More details to come in the next meeting. Raffle prizes for Party in the Park, scheduled for Sept. 12-14, will need to be determined, as well; however a bike, Yeti cooler, and gift cards from local businesses were mentioned. Greater details on these events and activities will also be determined in future meetings.

The president confirmed the next meeting will be held on July 23, at 6:30 p.m. Once finished, a motion to close was approved and the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Dale Hart, finalized the gathering. New members are always welcome.

Submitted by the RACO Reporter.