Southwestern Elementary Right to Read

Submitted by Roberta Shriver

PATRIOT — Right to Read Week was held at Southwestern Elementary School from May 13 to May 17.

The theme for the week was “Dive into Reading.” The hallways and cafeteria of the school were decorated with balloons and ocean scenes and fact sheets about ocean animals and ocean life on the hallway walls. These fact sheets were used for a scavenger hunt where students found information about the ocean to win a prize. A book fair was held in the school library in conjunction with the Right to Read Week activities.

Each day, students dressed to represent the theme of the day. Each morning, Mrs. Stout read a trivia question that pertained to the theme. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the various contests all week.

Tiffany Riehm from the 4-H Extension Office led activities for each class to participate. The entire school went to South Gallia High School to watch the Rebel Review. Michael Barry and Bobby Angel, US Army Corps of Engineers underwater divers and welders, came to talk to the students about their jobs. Each student had the opportunity to try on a diving helmet.

Rachael Barker and Kim Wilcoxen from Bossard Memorial Library led a workshop of various activities for each of the students. Also, the Magic Mirror was there for students to take pictures with props. Students in the upper grades read to kindergarten through second grade students at various times throughout the week.

There were different reading, writing and bookmark coloring contests for all students to participate in with the opportunity to win a prize. Each day, all students received a snack and treat. Each student received a backpack with two books they chose from the book fair.

Submitted by Roberta Shriver