Pomeroy Alumni hold banquet

POMEROY — One hundred sixty alumni and guests attended the annual Pomeroy High School Alumni Banquet on Saturday, May 25 in the Meigs High School Cafeteria.

The cafeteria was decorated with purple and white flowers donated by Francis Florist and Bob’s Market and Greenhouses.

Master of ceremonies for the evening was William Young, Class of 1961, president of the alumni association. The meeting was opened with the Pledge to the American Flag led by Norman Price, Class of 1961, followed by the group singing of the Purple and White. The invocation before the meal was given by Joseph Kennedy, Class of 1958.

Following the banquet meal of oven baked steak or chicken breast, butter whipped potatoes with gravy, banquet green beans, cole slaw, rolls with butter, cake, iced tea and water, classes were recognized beginning with the Class of 1938. Reunion classes were 1944, 1949, 1954, 1959, and 1964.

Alumni attending were as follows:

1938 — Sara Hawk Cullums of Pomeroy;

1943 — Belva Young Glaze of Pomeroy;

1944 (75th anniversary) — Bill Buck of Middleport;

1945 — Patty Watson Buck of Middleport;

1946 — Howard Mullen and George Wright, both of Pomeroy;

1947 — Joe Struble and Ida Johnson Murphy, both of Pomeroy;

1948 — Bill Knight of Point Pleasant, W.Va., Nelda Drenner Mockey of Hickory, N.C., James Lochary of Amesville, and Lawrence Eblin of Pomeroy;

1949 (70th anniversary) — Vernal Blackwood of Belpre, Ann Foster Cottrill of Lancaster, Martha Struble and Lois Smith Hawley, both of Pomeroy;

1950 — Betty Genheimer Knight of Point Pleasant, W.Va.;

1952 — Shirley Beegle Huston of Syracuse, Mary Stace Powell and Phyllis Meier May, both of Pomeroy;

1953 — William Roush and Marilyn Vickers Graham, both of Columbus, Shirley Smith and Sue Struble Tubbs, both of Pomeroy;

1954 (65th anniversary) — Richard Leifheit of Springfield; Ray Hines of Belpre, and Richard Vaughan of Middleport;

1955 — Bill Hysell of Columbus, Roger Hines of Logan, Eva Hayes Karnes of Logan, Marlene Brown Reinhart of Albany, Ray Shasteen of The Village, Fla., and Tom Smith and Harley Johnson, both of Pomeroy;

1956 — John Young of Lancaster, Carolyn Brown Charles of Columbus, Dorothy Stark Amberger of Syracuse and Dale Harrison of Pomeroy;

1957 — Ray Johnson of Deland, Fla., Rita Ball Matthews, Lila Terrell Mitch, Carolyn Sisson Teaford, Dan Morris, and April Shasteen Smith, all of Pomeroy;

1958 — Joe Kennedy of Belpre, Patty Douglas Arnold of Albany and Jerry Fields of Pomeroy;

1959 (60th anniversary) — Janet Carpenter Young of Lancaster; Patty Blakeslee Circle of Olathe, Kansas, Betty Hamm Johnson of Deland, Fla., Sandra Smith of Belpre, Craig Wehrung of Middleport; Gary Freeman, Eldon Sauters, Kathryn Slack Johnson, Marlene Scholl Harrison, Gene Romine and Bruce Zirkle, all of Pomeroy;

1960 — Paul Roush of Tuppers Plains, Bill Gibbs of Lexington, Ky., Barbara Eskew Fields and Vincent Knight of Pomeroy, and Sharon Douglas Swindell of Shade;

1961 — Mike Roberts of Akron, Jim Kern of Parkersburg, W.Va., Darlene Justis Newell of Chester; Norman Price and Wallace Hatfield, both of Pomeroy;

1962 — Mike Werry of Belpre, Connie Roush Devore of Crown City, Albert Dale ROush and Lenora Sauters, both of Pomeroy;

1963 — James GIlbert of Springfield, Judy Wehrung Sisson, Charlene Diehl Rutherford and Allen Downie, all of Pomeroy;

1964 (55th anniversary) — Louanna Leonard of Groveport, Marilyn Renshaw Searls of Circleville, John Strauss of Maineville, Jane Baer Bourne of Sierra Vista, Ariz., Karen Gilbert of Springfield, Jennifer Crew Solomon of Chester, S.C., Allen Swartz, David Taylor and Keith Whaley all of Lancaster, Sam Arnold of Belpre, Patricia Fields of Racine, Danny Smith of South Point, Louella Thompson Roush of Spring, Texas, Mary Ann Rickard Neal of Mason, W.Va., Dale Humphreys of New Haven, W.Va., Yvonne Beal Young, Don Mayer, Donna Smith Hatfield and Rita Wears Ord, all of Pomeroy;

1965 — Susanna Arnold Fitzgerald of Olathe, Kansas, Hazel Jean Phelps Cleland of Dupont, Indiana, Faye Cramer Isenhour of Claremont, N.C., John Curd of Holly, Michigan, Carla Will Werry of Belpre, George Harris of Middleport, Linda Darnell Mayer, Donna Hauck Carr, Don Cullums and Joan Hewetson Anderson, all of Pomeroy;

1966 — Bill Francis and Guy Sargent, both of Pomeroy, and Rex Cummings of Syracuse;

1967 — William Radford of Columbus and Jennifer Blakeslee Butcher of Rockport, Indiana;

1968 — David Carr of Defiance and John Goodwin of Pomeroy.

The business meeting included the announcement of officers elected for 2020. They are William Young, President; William Francis, Vice President; Marcia Grueser Arnold and Thelma Davis Jeffers, Secretary-Treasurer.

The executive committee elected are Mary Scott Wise, April Shasteen Smith, Judy Wehrung Sisson, Lila Terrell Mitch, Charlene Diehl Rutherford, Carol Strauss Kennedy and Patty Douglas Arnold.

The advisory committee elected are Norman Price, Carolyn Sisson Teaford, Jean Casto Hilton, Ed Kennedy, and JoAnne Williams.

Willaim Knight (1948) was the recipient of a free ticket to next year’s banquet provided by Madolyn Pickett Markham, Class of 1936, who lives in Plantation, Florida, and is a strong supporter of the association.

Many names were drawn for door prizes and the ladies in attendance were given potted purple and white petunias to take with them.

Scholarship winners were announced and will appear in a separate article in The Daily Sentinel.

Group singing of the Alma Mater and the benediction by Joe Kennedy closed the event. Group pictures of the reunion classes were taken.

Information provided by Marcia Arnold.