RACO discusses past, upcoming events

RACINE — The Racine Area Community Organization held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, Jan. 21, at Dr. Doug and Tonja Hunter’s home. Dr. Hunter had prayer before our meal. Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were presented and approved.

In old business the winners of the Christmas Lights Decorating contest were: Ron and Nancy Russell (first place), Tony and Tonya Thacker (second place), Adam Williams (third place). RACO also distributed approximately 125 treats at Christmas time to community members.

Also reviewed was the first Christmas in the Park event and what a wonderful job Ashli Peterman and Gina Hill did organizing this. RACO sponsored the parade floats and the winners were: Richie Wamsley (first place), Antiquity Baptist Church (second place), and AB&T Auto, Clayton Moore (third place). The winners in the side by side/golf cart category were: Tyler Johnson (first place), Erin Smithson (second place), Kati Hubbard (third place). Winners of the bake off contest were: Dawn Johnson (first place), Ginnee Lee (second place), and Sharon Hall (third place). There were three Christmas trees donated by Shuler Tree Farm for the event. Also mentioned and appreciated was Allen Graham for donating money to RACO that he receives for his Santa events at Christmas time.

In new business, RACO will be planning to have an auction on Saturday, April 6, 2019, because we received a large donation of items from a local family. All proceeds from this auction will be used for scholarships for the 2019 Southern graduates. RACO is currently collecting yard sale items and you may contact one of the following members for items to be picked up or brought to the park building: Dale Hart ( 740) 949-2656, Kim Romine (740) 992-2067 or (740) 992-7079, Zachary Manuel (740) 444-2793, or Tonja Hunter (740) 508-0044. RACO will be having a spring yard sale at Star Mill Park on May 7, 8, and 9.

RACO will also be having RACO games (Groovy Games) to be held on Thursday, Feb. 21, at Syracuse Community Center. Tickets for this event may be purchased from Tonja Hunter (740) 508-0044, Alice Wolfe (740) 949-2286, Bev Cummins (740) 949-3099, Kim Romine (740) 992-2067 or (740) 992-7079, and Sherry O’Brien (740) 416-1324. It was voted to donate $300 to the Back Pack Program at Southern Elementary.

RACO will be taking scholarship applications to Southern High School on Thursday, March 7. Any student planning to further their education beyond high school and graduating from Southern will be eligible to submit an application. RACO has contacted ODOT to arrange to paint a snow plow later this year.

David Zirkle led the Pledge to the Flag to close the meeting. There were 18 members in attendance. The next meeting will on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 6:30p.m. (location to be determined). New members are always welcome.

Information submitted by Melanie Weese.