Chester VFD elects officers, recaps 2018

CHESTER — The Chester Volunteer Fire Department recently held its first meeting of 2019, electing officers and recapping 2018.

Officers elected were as follows: President, Roy Lee Bailey; Vice President, Matt Foster; Secretary, Michael Pooler Jr.; Treasurer, Charles Radford; Records Manager, Kaitlyn Edwards; and Board of Directors, Michael Pooler Jr.

Line Officers elected were as follows: Chief, Dave Edwards; 1st Assistant Chief, John Ridenour; 2 Assistant Chief, Roy Lee Bailey; Captain, Elmer Newell; Engine 51 Lieutenant, Marvin Taylor, assistant Kaitlyn Edwards and Don Whan; Engine 52 Lieutenant,, Michael Pooler Jr., assistant Ryan Lauer; Tanker 54 Lieutenant, Matt Foster, assistant Michael Hupp; Rescue 58 Lieutenant, Casey Ridenour, assistant Ashley Pooler; ATV and In-House Equipment Lieutenant, Larry Lee, assistant Charles Radford.

Reports for the previous year were as follows: Runs — Structure fires: 13; Wild land fires: 4; Auto fires: 5; Haz-mat conditions: 7; Motor vehicle collisions: 24; Tree down: 4; Service calls: 10; EMS ALS: 4; EMS BLS: 6; Good intent: 2.

Automatic Aid — Received: 4; Given: 5.

Mutual Aid — Given: 2.

Total runs: 90.

Mileage — Engine 51: 817; Engine 52: 684; Tanker 54: 272; Rescue 58: 1,272; Total: 3,045.

The Chester Volunteer Fire Department meets regularly, at the station house, on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Anyone who might be interested in the fire department, and/or becoming a member, is invited to attend one of our meetings. The department also expressed their gratitude to the community for their support of the department.

Information submitted by the Chester Volunteer Fire Department.