TOPS holds meeting

TUPPERS PLAINS — When TOPS OH#2013 met Mary Beth Morrison was awarded best loser of the quarter. Connie Rankin was named best loser of the week.

Leader Pat Snedden called the meeting to order with The TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly), KOPS (Keep off Pounds Sensibly) Pledges and the Pledge to the American Flag being said. Applause was given to the KOPS for their weight loss maintenance. Connie Rankin led the group in singing TOPS songs, “No More Eatsa Little Pizza” and “TOPS Barrel of Fun”.

A total of 11 members answered when weight recorder, Roberta Henderson gave the roll call. Mary Beth Morrison gave the Secretary’s report and Mary Bush gave the Treasurer’s report. Both were without correction or addition.

Glenda Hunt, contest chairperson, announced that the “Card” game and the “Marble” game would be continuing. The “Card” game will conclude and a winner will be awarded next week.

In old business, members were reminded that the chapter’s TOPS Area Captain, Bob Silver will be visiting the Chapter on Oct 22. Oct 20 is also TOPS area Fall Rally in Grove City, Ohio. Three KOPS members and two TOPS members from the chapter are currently registered to attend.

Mary Beth Morrison led the program with open discussion of healthy recipes for Pumpkin Soup, Mushroom Stew over Polenta and Pumpkin Pie Custard. The group also discussed different types of sugars.

Connie Rankin led the chapter in the Tops Enthusiasm song.

Dismissal was by joining hands and reciting the “Helping Hand Circle” poem.

TOPS information can be obtained from the TOPS website at or by calling Leader, Pat Snedden at 740-541-9696. Weekly meetings take place on Mondays at 6 p.m. at the Tuppers Plains United Methodist Church, 42216 OH St RT 7, in Tuppers Plains, Ohio.

Submitted by Kathy McDaniel.