TOPS holds meetings

TUPPERS PLAINS — The Tuppers Plains chapter of TOPS held recent meetings at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. The meetings were called to order with the TOPS (Taking Pounds off Sensibly) and KOPS (Keeping Off Pounds Sensibly) pledges; as well as the Pledge of Allegiance.

The top loser at our Sept. 9 meeting was Pat Snedden. The Fall Rally, on Oct. 20, was further discussed. Plans being made for members to attend. Veggie Bingo was enjoyed by all.

Pat Snedden, leader, did a program on ways to eat and exercise. Important points included: 1. Muscle weighs more than fat, so we may still be loosing fat even if the scales do not show it. 2. Skip high carb snacking. 3. Trade carbs for more proteins (which helps build muscle). 4. Seeds and nuts are a good snack. 5. You must workout to burn calories. 6. Mix up exercise programs with weights and cardio. 7. Use a fitness tracker, something that allows you to see how much you are really moving. 8. Break exercise into 2 sessions, in the morning and evening (not too late).

At the Sept. 17 meeting, top loser was Therese Lackey. Those who had perfect attendance from August had their names in a drawing for a charm. Cindy Hyde was the winner.

The group voted for the Chapter Angel by secret ballot. The winner will be announced at the Fall Rally.

Mary Bush did a program called the DASH Diet. Ways to remove salt and sodium from your diet, to help protect the kidneys. Those who have diabetes need to watch their salt intake also.

The meeting on Oct. 1 will be weigh in only because the church is preparing for a yard sale. For more information about TOPS or to join the Tuppers Plains’ Chapter support meetings, call Pat Snedden at 740-541-9696. Weekly meetings are Mondays at 6 p.m.

Information submitted by Mary Bush.