RACO discusses upcoming events

RACINE — On July 24, the Racine Area Community Organization (RACO) held it’s monthly meeting.

After a potluck dinner shared among the members, the secretary read the minutes and details from the last RACO meeting, which included specific information about the RACO Fall yard sale, and the upcoming 10th anniversary of The Party in the Park. Afterwards, the treasurers report was presented and approved. Once finished, the president touched on some old business by sharing her experiences and pleasure for the RACO participation in the Independence Day parades in Racine and Middleport.

New business was discussed by determining what advertising will be done for the fall yard sale, which will be held Aug. 28-30, 2018. It was suggested that the public should be advised that RACO will be receiving donations for the yard sale until Aug. 20 at the Star Mill Park facility. Also, the Fall yard sale set up day is Monday, Aug. 27, and any community members who could help with set up would be greatly appreciated. To make arrangements for donations, donors should contact one of the following members: Kim Romine (740)-992-2067 or (740)-992-7079, Zach Manuel (740) 444-2793, Tonja Hunter (740) 508-0044, or Dale Hart (740) 949-2656.

All the money made from the RACO yard sales goes toward scholarships for the Southern High School graduates. The president continued to prompt discussion on what RACO will do for the upcoming 10th anniversary for the Party in the Park, which will take place at Star Mill Park on Sept. 6-8. RACO will be holding a raffle and some of the possible prizes may include a Stihl Weedeater/Trimmer, Coleman Folding Chairs, and a handcrafted quilt made from t-shirts from the past 10 years of Party in the Park. RACO will continue to discuss other opportunities for fundraising at the party in future meetings.

In addition to a new t-shirt design, RACO members began to share ideas for the RACO Games which will take place on Sept. 20, 2018, at the Syracuse Community Center. A theme for the event was discussed, as well as possible prizes. Although specific prizes were not determined, it was agreed to focus on local businesses for the prizes at this event. Once finished, a motion to close was approved and the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Dale Hart, finalized the gathering. The next RACO meeting will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 21, at a location yet to be determined.

Prepared by the RACO Reporter.