TOPS discusses weight loss ideas

TUPPERS PLAINS — The Tuppers Plains Chapter of TOPS recently held meetings at the St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

The meetings were called to order with the TOPS (Taking Pounds off Sensibly) and KOPS (Keeping Off Pounds Sensibly) pledges; as well as the Pledge of Allegiance.

At the earlier meeting there were 11 present with Juanita Grueser being the Top Loser. Pat Snedden did a program on Attitude and Eating. What is our Mind Set when setting goals? Are we meeting our goals? We discussed different things that may hinder weight loss. Also talked about fad diets and how, in the long run, they do not work. You must take off those pounds sensibly in order to keep them off.

At the last meeting, we had 12 members present with MaryBeth Morrison being the Top Loser. A drawing was done for June’s perfect attendance and Roberta Henderson won a charm. Also, for keeping food menus and completing exercise, the following received prizes: Glenda Hunt, Mary Rankin, MaryBeth Morrison, Pat Snedden and Mary Bush. MaryBeth also received her Tops Charm bracelet for having reached her first 15 pound loss since joining TOPS.

The Fall Rally was further discussed. It will be Oct. 16 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Grove City, Ohio.

Mary Bush had a discussion about serving sizes vs portion sizes. We talked about how a portion size (the amount you should eat) should look. Sometimes the serving size (the suggested amount of the item) may be larger than you need. Age, gender, activity level, and health issues can all determine the calorie intake needed per individual. There is no one diet plan that works for everyone.

For more information about TOPS or to join the Tuppers Plains’ Chapter support meetings, call Pat Snedden at 740-541-9696. Weekly meetings are Mondays at 6 p.m.

Submitted by Mary F. Bush.