Staneart Family Reunion

Descendants of Joel and Lydia Still Staneart held their reunion Saturday, July 14, 2018 at the VFW Post near Albany, Ohio. Connie Staneart Largent welcomed everyone and Paula Staneart Pickens asked the blessing for the food. After a delicious potluck meal, we took several pictures and enjoyed a great day of fun and games, visiting with relatives, and looking at the Staneart Reunion albums.

During the business meeting, Paula Pickens read the minutes from last year’s meeting. They were approved as read. Eighty-seven invitations were sent out with several being returned that could not be forwarded. Our declining numbers are still a concern, however two new family members came this year and a few that had not attended in awhile, giving us encouragement for continuing the reunion. We voted to hold the Staneart Reunion next year Saturday, July 13, 2019.

Connie Largent took charge of the meeting and activities. Throughout the day a competition was held with men vs. women. First we played the “right-left” game with five people getting prizes.

The following people were recognized and presented a small gift:

Oldest — Dale Colburn (83 years old)

Traveled farthest — Nick and Tricia Colburn from Elijay, Georgia

Traveled the least miles — Lydia and Sophia Mayers from Staneart Hollow in Vinton County

Most children — Nick Colburn (7)

Most grandchildren and great grandchildren — Paula Pickens (15 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren)

Married longest — Bill and Phyllis Kirkendall (58 years)

Married least years — Nick and Tricia Colburn (19 years)

Youngest — Sophia Mayers

Youngest grandparent — Karen Gerver

Military service — Bill Kirkendall and Nick Colburn, Air Force; Dale Colburn and John Largent, Army

Connie asked if there were any family graduations this year. Paula announced that her grandson Bradley Luckett got his Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. in May.

Everyone introduced themselves and told how they were an ancestor of Joel and Lydia Still Staneart. Of Joel and Lydia’s 13 children, three were represented at our reunion: Nicholas, Comfort and David.

Connie Largent updated us with the progress made on the new grooming cattle barn being built on the Athens County Fair Grounds. This is from the foundation of Noah Cox, who lost his life in a tractor accident May 31, 2017.

Other recent deaths that we were aware of include: Evelyn Jeffers and Betty Milhone.

Family heirlooms and homemade crafts were provided by family members for the traditional silent auction. Those helping with the auction were Joyce Staneart Sheline, and two of her granddaughters, Lydia and Sophia Mayers. Much anticipation and fun accompanied each winning announcement!

Four guessing games were played with the following winners:

M&M’s — Lydia Mayers

Sticks and Bingo markers — Phyllis Kirkendall

Buttons — Paula Pickens

Door prizes were won by Joyce Sheline, Sophia Mayers, Karen Gerver and John Largent.

The women received the most points (75), winning a prize for each female.

Thirteen were in attendance: John and Connie Staneart Largent, Paula Staneart Pickens, Bill and Phyllis Kirkendall, Dale Colburn, Charles “Nick” and Tricia Colburn, Richard and Karen Colburn Gerver, Erma Joyce Staneart Sheline and Lydia and Sophia Mayers.

Submitted by Paula Staneart Pickens.