TOPS hold meeting

TUPPERS PLAINS — TOPS OH#2013, Tuppers Plains met at the St. Paul’s United Methodist Church with Leader, Pat Snedden, calling the meeting to order. All members said the TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) and KOPS pledges. The KOPS (Keep off Pounds Sensibly) members were given applause for accomplishment of weight goal maintenance. Everyone recited the Pledge of Allegiance in unison.

TOPS songs were led by Cindy Hyde. Pat asked for roll call. Roberta Henderson, weight recorder called each member’s name. A total of 11 members reported loss, gain or maintenance of weight. No member has to tell how much they have lost or gained unless they desire to do so. Each is met with positive reinforcement.

The secretary’s report was given by Glenda Hunt.

Best loser for the week was a tie between Glenda Hunt and Connie Rankin. They shared the weekly best loser fruit basket and were each given a certificate of accomplishment.

Mary Bush received a bracelet for loss of the first 15 pounds. She, Mary Beth Morrison and Glenda Hunt all received a TOPS charm for no weight gain in a six week period.

Mary Beth Morrison was the winner of the recent “Card” game. She received a gift.

Members then played fruit and veggie bingo.

KOPS, Nola Easterling presented an article, “You Are What You Eat”. Another weight management tip mentioned was to not eat in the evenings after 6 .pm. If need be it might be wise to change your evening meal time to accommodate the change in routine.

The meeting was then adjourned with the “Helping Hand” circle.

For more information about TOPS or about joining the chapter’s support meetings call Leader, Pat Snedden at 740-541-9696. The weekly meetings are on Monday at 6 p.m. and last about an hour.

Submitted by Kathy McDaniel.