4-H news and notes

RACINE — Classic 4-H’ers met on March 26 at the Racine Library with 10 member and two advisors preset.

The meeting included the election of officers, as well as the turning in of dues and forms. Officers elected were President Raven Reedy, Vice President Valerie Hamm, Secretary Caitlin Carr, Treasurer Landen Woods, Recreation Hanna Bottomley, and News Reporter Madison Chapman.

The club welcomed three new members and has eight members returning from last year.

Valerie Hamm will be doing a small project with Cloverbud members for the next meeting. At the next meeting, Hanna Bottomley will have a recreational item for the club to participate in and books will be distributed.

The next meeting will be held on April 28 at the Racine Library.

Submitted by News Reporter Madison Chapman.

MEIGS COUNTY — Vital Ventures 4-H Club met on March 25 at the advisor’s home with three current members, one new member and two advisors in attendance.

Items discussed included the fair theme, sign ups and a question and answer. The club discussed the difference between wool sheep and hair sheep with a report given by Jasina Will comparing the two different species of lambs. For a recreation activity club members dyed eggs decorated with wax crayons. The advisor provided grilled hot dogs, chips and beverages for refreshments.

The next meeting will be at 4 p.m. on April 8 at the advisor’s house. Plans for the meeting include voting on t-shirts, ordering books, voting on club officers and Alexsia’s demonstration on fancy poultry.

MEIGS COUNTY — Dream Catchers 4-H Club met on March 23 at the Houser/Parker home with eight members and one advisor present. Items discussed at the meeting included club dues (tabled until all members are present), review of the fair theme and ideas and the date of Quality Assurance which takes place at Meigs High School.

The 2018 family guide was discussed and selection of projects made. The group talked over the requirements of several of the projects to help select ones members wanted. Recreation was video games as it was raining outside. Refreshments were by the Houser/Parker family.

The next meeting was April 8 at the Brown/Hall House with discussion planned on how to make money for club shirts.

Submitted by Auma Parker.

RACINE — Wooly Bully’s and More 4-H Club met March 11 at Rod Beegle’s home with 10 members and three advisors present. Items discussed were enrollment forms and projects, Quality Assurance dates and the election of officers. Officers elected were President Austin Rose, Vice President Rachel Jackson, and Secretary/News Reporter Kristin McKay.

At the meeting the Cloverbuds completed a project about the 4-H Pledge. Refreshments were served by Rhett Beegle. The next meeting was to be held on March 25 with enrollment forms and dues to be turned in at the meeting.