Racine Grange announces baking contest winners

RACINE — Racine Grange held its annual baking contests at a recent meeting.

The winners of the Texas sheet cake were Emma Ashley, first place, and Keith Ashley, second place. The winners of the apple dapple cake were Emma Ashley, first place, and Nita Yost, second place. The winner of the men’s baking contest for cookies was Keith Ashley, first place.

The community service report was that the Grange had donated reading books to the Racine Library Easter egg hunt. It is now collecting children’s hats and gloves for donations to the Grange Deaf Awareness project.

Under legislative activities a lengthy report on education was given. A recent presentation at Pomeroy by a previous board member of Streetsboro Schools provided the information. It was found that schools showing “proficient” in any area only have to have 53 percent of the students meet a particular criterion. Members commented that it takes 60 percent to get a passing grade in school. School enrollments are declining by the money spent just keeps climbing and the number of employees keeps increasing.

All superintendents and treasurers are receiving bonuses no matter what the school’s quality is. These bonuses are called “pick ups” where the board pays the employee’s share of his retirement.

Since Common Core was instituted a few years ago, schools’ scores have dropped more every year. The State of Ohio keeps adjusting the passing grade downward to cover the downward trend in schools.

Rep. Jay Edwards sent information supporting several recent resolutions passed by the grange.

Members discussed the President’s desire to have a citizenship question on the 2020 census forms. California may have as many non-citizens as to give it more members of the House of Representatives than to which it is entitled because it counts illegal aliens. The members passed a resolution supporting this.

Congress has begun again to discuss taxing the interstate sales. Such sales have never been taxable. A resolution was passed opposing this.

Subrogation was a hot topic. Two members of the grange have been subjected to this involving the C8 lawsuit. Ohio law requires the repayment of any costs a medical insurance company paid on an insured person from the illness on which his lawsuit is based. Members felt that this was a violation of a contract as a person pays his medical insurance premiums regardless of a court case. Members passed a resolution asking for the end of subrogation.

The biennial election of delegates to the Ohio State Grange convention was held. Plans were made for grange visitation in May.

Tickets are available for the Meigs County Grange banquet to be held at 6:30 p.m., Friday, April 27 at Meigs High School. The Grange degree day was set for Saturday, May 21 at 1 p.m. at Waterford Grange. Keith Ashley will be pianist and Racine Grange will assist with the 3rd and 4th degrees.

Submitted by Keith Ashley.