TOPS discusses staying health during the Easter season

TUPPERS PLAINS — TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) OH 2013, Tuppers Plains met at the St. Paul United Methodist Church for the weekly meeting. Leader Pat Snedden called the meeting to order by asking for the TOPS and KOPS (Keep off Pounds Sensibly) pledges. The group applauded the KOPS for their success in keeping their weight within goal range. (Goal range for a KOPS is 7 pounds under goal weight or no more than 3 pounds above goal weight. This 10 pound range is called a KOPS leeway.) All KOPS reported in leeway for this roll call. Then the group recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

After the group said the Pledge of Allegiance, Cindy Hyde led in the singing of two TOPS songs, “Marching to the Scale” and “Pounds Off.” Immediately following the songs Pat Snedden asked for roll call. This is where each member reports gain or loss. The amounts are not given. If the member loses weight then the group applauds but if the member gains then the other members give positive encouragement for a better week to come.

The weekly best loser was Connie Rankin and the monthly best loser for March was Glenda Hunt. Both received certificates. In addition to the certificate, Connie Rankin received the weekly best loser’s fruit/veggie basket. Cindy Hyde and Connie Rankin both received charm awards for having weight loss for 6 weeks consecutively. Glenda Hunt also received a charm award for reaching the first milestone of her weight loss journey. Congratulations were given to all members receiving these awards.

Glenda Hunt gave the secretary’s report and Judy Morgan gave the treasurer’s report.

Two ongoing contests continue as no winners have been declared in the “marble game” nor the “dime game.”

Members discussed last minute riding arrangements carpooling to State Recognition Day (SRD) in Columbus on April 6 -7. TOPS International, Inc. will be recognizing Ohio’s top losers at SRD. Our own local KOPS will be honored as well. Each local chapter has been asked to bring a filled theme basket for raffle at the event. It was decided on a “garden” theme. Members brought items for the basket.

Snedden led the group in open discussion on the topic, “How to not have weight gain over the Easter holiday.” Members were asked to list on paper their individual ideas. The ideas listed included: Drink more water; Save calories for the day for the main meal; Eat small amounts before the meal as to not be famished when the meal is served; Use portion control. One member said that she had planned on cooking a turkey instead of ham for the Easter meal. Another member said that it would be helpful to her if she would remember that weigh in is the day after Easter. Another suggestion was to increase the exercise amount or to make a plan to cook healthier foods including more vegetables. One member suggested that we should focus on enjoying time with people and celebrating the reason for Easter verses so much focus on food. The last suggestion was to be a healthy example for others. This group discussion was deemed to be very helpful to everyone attending as some discussed their individual issues and others offered solutions. After all, this is what TOPS is all about- helping each other on the weight loss/maintenance journey.

As to always end the meeting on a positive note members frequently bring funny stories to share. After this time of sharing the meeting was dismissed by members joining hands and saying:

“You take my hand and I’ll take yours, and we’ll start out today.

For a helping hand is what you need to guide you along the way.

The road to goal is a lonely road, you need someone to care.

So reach out my friend and take my hand, and then we’re almost there.”

If you struggle with a weight issue and are interested in being a part of the TOPS group contact Pat Snedden at 740-541-9696. The Monday evening meetings begin at 6 p.m. and last about an hour.

Information submitted by Kathy McDaniel.