Hemlock Grange holds February meeting

HEMLOCK GROVE — After the Pledge to the Flag, patriotic song and prayer, Kim Romine opened the February meeting of Hemlock Grange.

After records of the last meeting were read , the chaplain informed the master that the charter needed to be draped for three members who had died, Roy Grueser, Sara Caldwell and Pat Holter.

A thank you note was read from the Cooperative Parish Kitchen for the donation from the Grange at Christmas. Members were reminded to save pop tabs, used hearing aid batteries and used eye glasses and cases.

It was announced that dues are payable for 2018.

Corn and soy bean prices are down more than in 2016. With the low prices on milk, farmers are seeing a net of $36 per cow in 2017.

Margaret Parker, lecturer, used her program “February Facts.” She had a funny skit on groundhogs talking to each other.

Romine handed out rules for all contests.

The March meeting will be preceded by a baked steak dinner at 6:30 p.m. All members are welcome.

Information provided by Barbara Fry.