Yost named to National Grange Youth Team

RACINE — Olivia Yost, of the Racine Grange, has been selected as a member of the 2017 National Grange Youth Team.

She has been selected to be the youth chaplin at the 151st National Grange session at Spokane, Washington, in November. Yost has received several previous honors including Ohio State Grange female youth ambassador and representation of the Ohio Grange on the Ohio State Junior Fair Board. She is the daughter of Charles and Nita Yost of Racine.

Legislative issues dominated the other discussion at the Racine Grange meeting.

The grange voted to oppose U.S. House Resolution 257 and U.S. Senate Resolution 118 called the “Criminalize Freedom of Speech” bill. These resolutions are being pushed by the Muslim terrorist organizations like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. If put into law, this would make any negative comment against Muslim subjects as hate speech and provide criminal penalties. It was pointed out that this was the first step in trying to institute Sharia Law to subvert the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment makes these resolutions illegal Also, it is already illegal to discriminate on basis of religion.

Concern was expressed over the State of Maryland instituting a lawsuit against the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, over pollution from power plants in those states. The suit seems frivolous since all such plants have to conform to EPA pollution requirements.

Next, the grange voted to support a bill in the Ohio House of Representatives called the “Student and Teacher Liberty Act” (H.B. 181). This bill would prohibit the use of Common Corein public schools. Many see Common Core as the biggest failure since modern math was attempted in the 1960’s. This bill would also stop arbitrary testing of students, which is taking up too much teaching time, and would protect privacy of school data.

The legislative agent pointed out that the recent shootings in Las Vegas would undoubtedly re-start the attempt to ban guns. Also, there have only been three cases of killings with automatic weapons since 1934. Further, had the gunman used a car to drive into the crowd causing these deaths, no politician would think of drafting new laws against cars.

Due to this being the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Grange, the National Grange is honoring families of five continuous generations who have been members. Racine Grange has one family that has applied for this honor. Keith Ashley reported that he had completed a three-year project for the National Grange. Its purpose was to locate living descendants of the organization’s seven founders, the past National Grange masters (i.e. presidents) and the past High Priests of Demeter (the highest ritualistic office in the grange). Ashley donated his professional research to do this, which was estimated to be over $10,000 in value taking scores of hours of research.

The annual community wiener roast was held. Peggy Yost, Meigs County Treasurer, was a guest for the evening. At the annual planning meeting, the grange selected its 2017 community citizen award winner. The name will be released at a later time.

Information submitted by Keith Ashley.