Racine Grange earns state awards

RACINE — At the recent meeting of Racine Grange, Olivia Yost gave a report on being chosen as the female member to the Ohio State Fair’s junior board representing the Ohio State Grange. She stayed on the grounds for the entire Ohio State Fair carrying out assignments. She is the first Meigs County Grange member to have been selected for this honor. She was last year’s Ohio State Grange female ambassador.

The results of the Ohio State Grange baking contests were announced. Emma Ashley won first place in the state with her own recipe for ginger cookies. Hannah Yost received second place in the state in the young adult category for brownies. Olivia Yost earned first place in the state in the youth category with apple cheese cake bars.

Keith Ashley reported on the success of the float in the Racine Fourth of July parade. He designed the float and provided much of the materials for it. Tony Carnahan lent his wagon and pulled the float as well. The theme of the float was “Grange — 150th Year” in honor of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the organization.

Under agricultural affairs, the Army Corps of Engineers in revoking the “Waters of the United States,” which would have greatly enlarged the control of private water in the U.S. down to even ditches. The low price to farmers for milk was discussed. The loss of elm trees due to the emerald ash borer was also discussed.

The legislative report included information on State Rep. Jay Edwards pushing to enlarge Medicaid in Ohio. Members felt that the rules allowing new enrollees was too liberal since 52 percent of the Ohio budget is now Medicaid costs.

Lengthy time was spent regarding Issue 2, the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act, which will be on the November ballot. The advertising supporting their bill is false and misleading. If passed, it would actually cause drug costs to go up. The members voted to officially oppose this issue.

Preparations were made for a display booth at the Meigs County Fair. A community service project is being planned to obtain donations for Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

Information submitted by Keith Ashley.

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Olivia Yost
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