OVB in local high schools this fall

OHIO VALLEY — As the 2017-18 academic year is officially underway, Ohio Valley Bank is once again ready to bring back its BANKit program to area high schools.

The OVB BANKit program, which spans the entire length of the school year, reached 445 students last year from six participating schools in Ohio and West Virginia. Students ranged from freshmen to senior grade levels.

Created in 2010, the OVB BANKit program brings real-life banking lessons to the classroom. OVB Financial Literacy Leader Hope Roush conducts each lesson, which typically takes place on a monthly basis at participating schools. The program works as a game in which students are given $100 in buzz bucks, the OVB BANKit currency. Students have the option to invest their buzz bucks as they wish among different accounts, including CDs, money market accounts, basic checking accounts and savings accounts. They also have the option to purchase and sell shares of stock in the game’s mock company, Pseudosoft.

During each visit, students draw a Real Life Card, which may force them to pay an unforeseen bill or provide them with unexpected cash. During this time students also have a chance to manage their banking and make deposits/withdrawals in their accounts. This portion of the program is important as students learn to fill out basic bank paper work as well as practice money management.

In addition to the game aspect, each BANKit visit includes a lesson on a banking topic. Lessons for this academic year will include:

1. Basic differences in account types

2. Filling out basic bank paper work, including deposits and withdrawals; check writing; updating check register

3. Reading a bank statement

4. Credit/Cost of Credit/Credit Reports/Credit Scores

5. Budgeting

6. Identity Theft

7. Credit vs. Debit

8. Interest

Along with planned lessons, if teachers have requests pertaining to other financial topics, OVB will often accommodate them.

For more information on the OVB BANKit program, contact Roush at [email protected] or visit https://www.ovbc.com/kids/bankit.

Submitted by Ohio Valley Bank.