Staneart Reunion held

ALBANY — Descendants of Joel and Lydia Still Staneart held their reunion on Saturday, July 22 at the VFW Post near Albany, with the theme “Treasurer Family Memories.”

Vera Richardson welcomed everyone and Ermel Luckett Jr. asked the blessing for the food. After the meal, family members took several pictures, including a Staneart family group photo.

During the business meeting, “Lucky” Luckett read minutes from last year’s reunion. They were approved as read. Vera made several contacts before the reunion and reported on the five she had reached. The declining numbers are a concern, but there still seems to be some who are interested in attending in the future. It was suggested that if someone cannot attend any given year they may want to send a monetary donation and/or family information to preserve the Staneart family history. Paula Staneart Pickens, Connie Staneart Largent and Joyce Staneart Sheline will be in charge next year and they agreed to try to contact as many Stanearts as possible in order to be able to continue the annual Staneart Family Reunion. It was noted that county fairs and 4-H projects kept several from attending this year. Therefore members discussed having it a different Saturday. It was decided to hold the reunion Saturday, July 14, 2018.

Many family memories were shared and Vera read a poem she wrote entitled, “Treasured Family Memories.” After reading her poem, she expressed the family’s sadness for the accidental death of Noah Cox (the only son of Stephanie and Jeff Cox and only grandson of Connie and John Largent). “It is a deep loss to our entire family. He was an amazing person, great showman, bright, kind and had a strong sense of humor. He grabbed live with both hands and held on tight. He is missed and greatly loved.” Connie Largent took the opportunity to tell everyone about the foundation that Noah’s parents are setting up in his honor. The 4-H club he belonged to, The Hoof and Hides 4-H Club, are also supporting their efforts. Plans are being made for the foundation to build an addition to the beef barn on the Athens County Fairgrounds in Noah’s name. His steer will be shown at the fair by his friend Austin, who has been caring for Noah’s animals since his tractor accident. Other family members shared their precious memories about Noah.

Family antiques, heirlooms and homemade crafts were provided by family members for the traditional silent auction. Those helping with the auction were Joyce Staneart Sheline, Robert Allen, Jenny and Lucky Luckett. It was very successful and great fun, according to those in attendance.

Gifts were awarded to the following: Oldest, Bill Kirkendall (age 80); Youngest, (gift was for a small child, with no children in attendance for the reunion) Vera Richardson was the youngest with Angela Allen being the next youngest, however, since they purchased the gift they each refused it, making Lucky Luckett next in line at age 54; Traveled furthest, Robert and Deana Allen from Hampstead, North Carolina; Guessing game “pennies” — Phyllis Kirkendall.

A total of 13 were in attendance: John and Connie Largent, Joe and Joyce Sheline, Bill and Phyllis Kirkendall, Paula Pickens, Vera Richardson, Angela Allen, Robert and Dena Allen, and Jenny and Ermel Luckett Jr.

Information submitted by Paula Jean Staneart Pickens.