Hemlock Grange hold meeting

HEMLOCK GROVE — Hemlock Grange #2049 met recently at the grange hall. Kim Romine opened the meeting with prayer and flag presentation and Ann Lambert played a patriotic song. Romine reported on rural development and common sense reform.

Pamona Grange was to meet at Hemlock on July7. Communications from the Ohio State Grange were read.

Aug. 14-19 will be the fair with booth for display. Judging will be set up for Aug. 11.

Adell White, FAC, announcers that all contests will be judged at August meeting. Literacy program was presented by Margaret Parker titled “Attracting Pollinators to the Garden.” Pollination is the movement of pollen from the male part (anther) of one flower to the female part (pistil) of another flower. Without pollination most plants cannot make seeds and fruits. Key animal pollinators include honey bees, native bees, flies, moths and other insects, as well as birds and some mammals.

Next meeting will be proceeded by a picnic supper of hamburgers and hot dogs.