DAR hears Civil War presentation

Gina Tillis

Gina Tillis

POMEROY — The Return Jonathan Meigs Daughters of America Revolution met on May 20, at the Pomeroy Library. One newly inducted member, Sandra Patterson, was present. The meeting was opened by Regent, Karen Werry, with members repeating the DAR rituals. Report on National Defense was given by Peggy Moore. It was noted that 4,500 coupons had been mailed to Germany and the Air Base in Guam.

After the business meeting a program on the Civil War was presented by member, Gina Tillis, who teaches American History to eighth grade students at Ohio Valley Christian School.

She told how the war came about from the North and South and how slavery issues and its expansion created the conflict. Eleven Southern States seceded from the Union between December 1860 and June 1861, creating the Confederate States of America beginning the Civil War.

Nutrition of the soldiers was very poor during the war, the Union soldiers ate hardtack and drank coffee, sometimes salt pork and berries. The Confederate soldiers had jonny cakes and drank chicory. Many soldiers were malnourished.

The greatest conflict of the Civil War was the Battle of Ft. Sumter, fought at Charleston, South Carolina. There was a group of men who opposed the War, and were known as “The Copperheads”, they were from Ohio and mostly lived along the River. The sympathized with the Slave Holders. The Union soldiers received $13 pay monthly and the Confederate soldiers, and African American soldiers received $7 a month in their pay.

John Romine, of Rutland, Ohio, a great-grandfather of the speaker, joined the army in 1861, at 44 years of age, he was captured at Andersonville, SC, and died in the prison there, where he is buried in an unmarked grave. His name is engraved on the Civil War Monument at Pomeroy, OH.”

The McCook family of OH, Major Daniel McCook had 8 of 9 sons serving in the Civil War, Major Daniel McCook was killed at the bloody Battle of Buffington Island.

Ohio lost 35,00 soldiers and West Virginia lost 4,000 soldiers in the Civil War.

The group found these facts of the Civil War very interesting in the presentation. Refreshments were served afterward. Next meeting date of the DAR, is June 18 at the library, awards for Good Citizenship for two local school students will be presented by the DAR.

Submitted by Linda Russell of the DAR.

Gina Tillis
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