Rutland High School holds 89th annual alumni banquet

RUTLAND — The Rutland High School Alumni recently enjoyed an evening with fellow classmates, 340 attended the event held at the Rutland High School Gym (Civic Center). The event got under way with a social hour as the alumni gathered.

President Sue Clonch Larkin, class of 1967, welcomed all to the banquet.

Marty Woodard gave the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance, was led by Gilford Turley, both represented the class of 1967 celebrating their 50th anniversary.

President Sue Clonch Larkin conducted alumni business along with Secretary Debbie Turner Pool, class of 1967, reading the minutes and Kathy Thomas Schultz, class of 1967 giving the treasurer’s report.

A wonderful meal was provided by the Star Grange #778.

Scholarship Committee Chairman, Ancil Cross, class of 1964, presented three scholarships in the amount of $750 each to grandchildren of RHS Alumni. Committee members, Ray Alkire, class of 1966 and Margaret Smith Edwards, class of 1961. Donna Weber Jenkins, class of 1971 will be joining the Scholarship Committee, starting in 2018. (Information on these scholarships will appear in an upcoming edition of The Daily Sentinel).

The floor was opened up for nominations of officers of the Rutland High Alumni. It was agreed upon that Sue Clonch Larkin, President, Debbie Turner Pool, Secretary, and Kathy Thomas Schultz would remain as officers of the RHS Alumni Committee for the year 2018.

Following the reading of the roll call by Kathy Thomas Schultz and Debbie Turner Pool, the memorial roll call was read honoring alumnus that have passed away since the previous year. In order to preserve the privacy of family members this list cannot be published.

The program concluded with Kathy Thomas Schultz and Debbie Turner Pool, both from the class of 1967, leading the RHS Alumni in singing the RHS Alma Mater accompanied by Donna Weber Jenkins, class of 1971.

In closing Sue Clonch Larkin announced that a “Sock Hop” is planned for the 90th RHS Alumni, 2018, with a live band, “Remember Then.” Other events are in the works for earlier in the day before the alumni.

Darlene Smith Vanaman, class of 1967 gave the Benediction and it was a wrap until next year with the Class of 1968 celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

Those making reservations were: 1941 Maxine Ogdin Griffith; 1945 Goldie Knotts Nelson; 1946 William Larkin; 70th Year: 1947 Roger Bolen and Catherine Colwell Shenefield; 1948 Robert Brown and Bill Buck; 1949 Mildred Thomas Donahue, John Dyke and Caroll Snowden;1950 Janet Ogdin Jones, Bruce May and Mickey Williams; 1951 Jack Barton, Marie Little Birchfield, Bob Bowen, Joan Snowden May, Virginia Moore Michael, Rose Slawter Patterson and Lowell Vance; 65th Year: 1952 Carolyn Miller Gardner, Helen Rife Reinhard, John Scragg, Wanda Foster Williams and Mary Dyke Woodrum; 1953 Joan Lambert Snowden; 1954 Norris Goff, Donna Bolen Nelson and Don Swisher; 1955 Russell Carson, Nancy Spaulding Glassburn, Alberta Snowden Montgomery, John Montgomery and Paul Shoemaker; 1956 Lynn Bartrum Benschoter, Janet Turner Bolin, Joe Bolin, Bill Brewer, Harold Carson, Jim Dyer, Lucy Turner Hess, Donna Will Higgins, Paul Nelson and Larry Pickens; 60th Year: 1957 John Jeffers, Kenneth Longstreth, Jerry Schoonover, Judy Hatfield Simon, Dorothy Nelson Taylor, Wanda Graham Vining and Joan Rife Wolfe; 1958 Bill Coy, Danny Holliday, Thomas Jeffers, John Priddy, Paul Smith and Sue Turner; 1959 David Carson, Elaine Steele Dyer, Louise Parsons Eads, Euna Richards Eaton, Jimmy Graham, Shirley Ballengee Head, Janet Caton Ladd, Betty Jeffers Longstreth and Ronnie Rife.

1960 Linda Cremeans Boyles, John Brogan, Eloise Musser Carson, James Cheadle, Clara Mae Hysell, Judith Slawter Marinacci, Carlos McKnight, Marjorie Priddy Rife; Frank Ballengee, Charles Barrett Jr., Margaret Smith Edward, Sue Grate Harshbarger, Jim Hobstetter, Patricia Rife Lowe, RoseMary Mace Madden, David Martin, Waid Nicholson and Elena Martin Thompson; 55th Year: 1962 Shirley Heilman Cogar, Richard Dugan, Roberta Grate, Louise Higginbotham Dulany, Donna Weaver Isaac, Darrell Keys, Paul Musser, Larry Parsons, Paul Pierce, James Sheets, Viola McKnight Shoemaker, Wesley Sisson, Hiram Sonny Slawter and Margaret Williamson Smith, Thomas Spaulding; 1963 Judy Brogan Collier, Jim Ferrell, Guy Harper, Paul Higginbotham, David Scragg and John Butch Tillis; 1964 Warren Jerry Black, Glada Warner Campbell, Judy Mullins Christensen, Ancil Cross, Richard Fetty, Robert Harless, Larry Haynes, Charlotte Smith Hescht, Steve King, Roberta Smith Meyer, Ellis Myers, Sonja Turner Parsons, Richard Pete Peyton, Rosemary Harless Pope, Gary Saxton, Connie Rice Siemer, Benny Slawter, Brenda Grate Tillis, Danny Tillis, Jerry Tillis and Sharon Quillen Wise; 1965 Melvin Brown, Carolyn McKnight Dailey, Cary Wells Harless, Nancy Pope Johnson, Bill Lambert, Jim Lambert, Judy Cremeans McDonald, Larry Rupe, Darrell Smith, Donald Smith, Billie Lou Martin Snyder and Ronnie Taylor; 1966 Ray Alkire, Bob Barrett, Jane Lucas Barrett, Jimmie Barrett, Linda Hysell Bates, Barbara Cotterill Cremeans, Linda Davis Decarlo, Willis Dillon, Catherine Althouse Elliott, Latischia Gates Graham, Nancy Lambert Haddox, Sam Hicks, Mary Crouser Hobstetter, Linda Lathey, Loretta Harless McQuaid, John Moore, Mike Nicholson, David Peterson, Sandy Tucker Phillips, Beverly Forbes Rupe, Barbara Carter Welsh, James White and Lee Wood; 50th Year: 1967 Roger Barrett, Roger Carsey, Donna Davidson, Roger Davis, Martha Rae Brown Farley, Terry Fetty, Karen Tucker Floyd, Lori Godby, Douglas Grover, Nancy Knotts Hall, Raymond Harless, Gary Haynes, Chester King, Lilly Imboden Kloes, Sue Clonch Larkin, Dixie Wamsley Leonard, Joyce Might, Pat Malone Moore, June Jarvis Mowery, Chris Napper, Bonnie Grate Nicholson, Debbie Turner Pool, Debbie Smith Rose, Kathy Thomas Schultz, Ernie Smith, Melva Johnston Tracy, Gilford Gil Turley, Darlene Smith Vanaman, Jim Vanaman, Betty Clark VanMatre, Barbara Williams, Martin Woodard Jr. and Harry Yarbrough: 1968 Roger Black, Rev. Alan Blackwood, Wilma Davidson, Mary Hall Fallon, Joyce Clonch Hlad, Mike Johnson, Larry Montgomery, Mike Porter, Karen Haynes Russell, Dennis Schilling, Robert Smith Jr., Leroy Welsh, Mary McKinney Wells and Diane Holliday Young; 1969 Pam Lee Harless, Terrie Miller Houser, Larry Lemley, Joe Myers, Jennifer Cray Pope, Jack Robinson, Ronnie Vance, Brenda Sis Johnson Vickers, Dean Weber and Rocky Williams.

1970 Mike Barr, Kathy Barrett, Mark Coughenour, Karen Griffith, Cheryl Hutchison Lemley, Bill Nicholson, Carolyn Maples Nicholson, Franklin Pope, Earl Ramsburg, Diane Knorr Robinson and Steven Schilling, 1971 Tom Anderson, Bill Cray, Mike Grate, Donna Weber Jenkins, Betty Smith Lambert, Sherrie Turner Might, Linda Midkiff Montgomery and Gloria Goff Oiler; 1973 Jim Birchfield; 1974 Roxanna Patterson Hughes; 1975 Linda Williams Magnotta; 40th Year:1977 Melanie Simmons Dudding; and 35th Year: 1982 Kimberly Birchfield Willford.

Submitted by Sue Larkins, Rutland Alumni President.