Retired teachers hear from ORTA president-elect

The Meigs County Retired Teachers Association met on April 20 at the Wild Horse Cafe for a noon luncheon. Charlene Rutherford, president, welcomed the group and led the pledge to the flag.

Duane Wolfe told a story about “The Hired Hand” and then sang “Mary Knew” for devotions. He had prayer before the meal.

The secretary and treasurer reports were given.

Wolfe said that $3,700 was raised at a fundraiser for the Brenda K. Wolfe Peritoneal Cancer Foundation.

It was mentioned that there will be a speaker from Habitat for Humanity for the September meeting.

Bee Lehner, president-elect of the ORTA, was the speaker for the meeting. She is from Coshocton. She said that the Ohio Retired Teachers Association is fighting for teachers and is the watchdog for the pensions. She talked about the COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment). The retirement board was meeting to eliminate or suspend it; put it on hold for one year; or keep it frozen (which is where it is now). Before the meeting was over she received a text that it stays frozen.

She advised not to join POPS (Protect Our Pension System) as we are protected by the board.

Lehner also talked about our health care. We have health care as a privilege and is not a guarantee. The board was to vote on this in April but was deferred until 2019.

The board has a strategic plan when they meet:

  • Cut the board size down (reduce membership)
  • Name change from Ohio Retired Teachers Association to Ohio Retired Educators System
  • Adopt a new logo
  • Change the mission statement
  • Change membership to July through June
  • Rearrange the districts

She told about the ORTA meeting which is May 5. It’s called “A Day at the Zoo.” The fall meeting will be Oct. 10, celebrating the group’s 70th anniversary.

Door prizes were given to Martie Baum and Janice Weber.

The next meeting will be May 18 at the Trinity Church. Mike Gerlach will be the speaker.