Legislative issues discussed at Grange meeting

RACINE — At the recent meeting of Racine Grange, the legislative agent brought it to the attention of members that several countries are now pushing to go entirely cashless. A large U.S. bank that also operates in Australia has now refused to handle cash at their Australian banks. The members discussed what appears to be a growing trend.

Three reasons are being used to push cashless society. First, banks are doing this because it costs them to handle cash. Another reason being pushed is that it will stem the drug trade, which was the same false excuse given when the U.S. eliminated currency above the $100 denomination. Secondly, computer banking transactions can be completely monitored by the government thus eliminating any privacy of citizens. Lastly, the government wants to eliminate any type of selling or trading that deprives them of sales tax revenues. Members felt that the real outcome of cashless banking is the total loss of privacy, which is already increasing in this country. The members passed a resolution opposing the elimination of cash.

Some discussion of President Donald Trump’s agenda occurred. The one issue which concerned members was the president’s desire to provide child care so that a parent raising children alone can work. Members felt that the current welfare system is currently rewarding single parents who continue to have children by giving more welfare benefits for each child. Also, federal child care would be yet another socialistic government program, which the U.S. taxpayer would have to pay for or require yet more increases in the federal deficit. The members voted to support a resolution opposing federally funded child care.

Nita Yost, family activities chairman, announced that the annual baking contest would be held at the May meeting. She also introduced ideas to raise funds to improve the meeting hall. The ideas will be voted on at the next meeting.

In community service, members were asked to approve a donated draw gift for the Meigs County Junior Fair Board. Also, the Christmas fruit baskets were successfully delivered last month.

Emma Ashley, lecturer, had a program on the history of the presidential inauguration.

Submitted by Keith Ashley