Meigs Fair baking results

Staff Report

Home baked goods on display at the fair are pictured with their awards.

POMEROY — Below are a list of winners from the baking entries at the Meigs County Fair in the categories of breads, cakes, cookies, pies, candy and honey.

Class 212, Breads: Lot 3-Banana Nut, 1st, Donna Jenkins, Rutland, 2nd, Teresa A. Wilson, Racine, 3rd, Peggy Crane, Rutland. Lot 4, Zucchini -1st Donna Jenkins, 2nd K Son Farm, Pomeroy, 3rd Linda Rathburn, Pomeroy. Lot 5-Baking Powder Biscuits, 1st, Linda Rathburn,2nd, Donna Jenkins. Lot 7- Monkey, 1st, Vanessa Folmer, Middleport. Lot 8-Cinnamon Rolls, 1st, Donna Jenkins. Lot 9-Muffins, 1st, Penny Elam,Racine, 2nd, Donna Jenkins, 3rd,Shirley Hamm, Racine.

Class 213, Cakes :Lot 10-Angle Food, 1st, Kila Frank, Reedsville, 2nd, Linda Rathburn. Lot 11, Chocolate, Cynthia D. King, Pomeroy, Stephanie A. Lewis, Clifton, WVa. Lot 13-Spice, 1st, Linda Rathburen. Lot 14- Carrot, 1st, Darlene Hayes, Pomeroy, 2nd, Linda Rathburn.

Class 214, Cookies: Lot 15- Oatmeal, 1st, Vanessa Folmer, Middleport, 2nd, Shirley Hamm, 2rd, Linda Rathburn. Lot 16- Plain Sugar, 1st, Donna Jenkins, 2nd, Teresa A. Wilson, 3rd, Shirley Hamm. Lot 17- Chocolate Chip, 1st, Mary K. King, Pomeroy, 2nd, Kila Frank, 3rd, Penny Elam, Racine. Lot 18-Peanut Butter, 1st, Stephanie A. Lewis, 2nd, Penny Elam, 3rd, Linda Rathburn. Lot 19-Brownies –Iced, 1st, Vanessa Folmer, 2nd, Linda Rathburn, 3rd, Donna Jenkins.

Class 215, Pies: Lot 21-Apple, 1st, Kayla Hawthorne, 2nd, Stephanie A. Lewis, 3rd, Teresa A. Wilson. Lot 22-Cherry, Shirley Hamm. Lot 23-Pecan, 1st, Teresa Wilson, 2nd, Joanne Vaughan, Pomeroy. Lot 24-Peach, 1st, Shirley Hamm, 2nd, Donna Jenkins, 3rd, Teresa A. Wilson.

Class 216, Candy: Lot 26- Fudge – Chocolate, 1st, Sharon L. Hall, Racine, 2nd, Donna Jenkins, 3rd, Teresa A. Wilson. Lot 27-Fudge – Peanut Butter, 1st, Raeven Reedy, Syracuse, 2nd, Sharon L. Hall, 3rd, Teresa A. Wilson. Lot 28- Fudge – White, 1st, Sharon L. Hall, 2nd, Teresa A. Wilson. Lot 30- Peanut Brittle, 1st, Shirley Hamm.

Class 217, Cookie: Lot 31- Cookie Contest, 1st, Shirley Hamm, 2nd, Kayla Hawthorne, Reedsville, 3rd, Steven R. Barnett, Pomeroy.

Class 219, Honey: Lot 1- Honey-Extracted Honey, 1st, Deborah Mohler, Pomeroy, 2nd, J.R. Markham, Pomeroy. Lot 2- Honey-Extracted Honey (Amber to dark), 1st, Deborah Mohler, 2nd, J.R. Markham.

Home baked goods on display at the fair are pictured with their awards. baked goods on display at the fair are pictured with their awards.

Staff Report