Vinton man earns prison for credit card misuse

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Brian Angell

Brian Angell

GALLIPOLIS — A Vinton man was sentenced to one year in prison after pleading guilty to the misuse of a credit card.

Brian Angell, 37, pleaded guilty to a crime that is considered a felony of the fourth-degree in Ohio and was ordered to pay restitution in the Gallia County Court of Common Pleas.

“During the month of January 2015, the defendant stole a credit card from a family member while the family member was at work and used the card on multiple occasions,” said Gallia County Prosecutor Jeff Adkins. “Ultimately, the defendant racked up debt on the card in excess of $14,000. Law enforcement was able to verify that the defendant was the one using the card during this time frame on video surveillance from multiple stores and establishments.”

Angell was indicted by the Gallia County grand jury in March. After the indictment was issued Adkins’ office commenced the criminal prosecution and agreed that the defendant should serve 12 months in prison to begin immediately.

“The defendant has two prior felony convictions out of Gallia County for theft and telecommunications fraud,” Adkins said. “It is evident from the defendant’s criminal history — and this instance — that he does not understand the impact he is having on others who work hard for their money. Hard-working people of this community should not have to worry that their property will be stolen when they leave for work in the morning. It is my hope that the Defendant takes the next 12 months to think about the affect he has had on his family, and in so doing decides to become a productive member of society upon his release.”

Angell was found guilty of violation section 2913.21 of the Ohio Revised Code.

According to Adkins, it is not illegal if an individual gives permission for a card to be used, much like a parent allowing their teenager to purchase gas while out driving. However, some credit advising agencies say this may be a misuse of a card and within breach of contract. One should always be aware of who or where their credit card is.

Brian Angell Angell

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