Taking a look back at Meigs County Schools

By Erin Perkins - Special to the Sentinel

Tyler Eblin

Tyler Eblin

POMEROY —The Meigs County Historical Society’s second lecture series event focused on the educational history of the county

On Saturday evening, Tyler Eblin led an audience on a historical, informational journey on Meigs County schools. Eblin is an aspiring teacher with an enthusiasm for history. The lecture was held at Trinity Congregational Church in Pomeroy.

To start the night, Eblin had a guest in the audience share a lecture her mother had written in 1918 about her first year teaching in a Meigs County school. The first step of the journey was in 1823 when the majority of education was given by mothers. Only wealthy residents of a county could afford an education outside of their home. However, in 1883 public school districts began their evolution. Eblin broke down the development of the districts that make up the Eastern, Southern, and Meigs local districts today. He informed his audience the date of which each school in the districts were built, the purpose of the structure, and the structure’s current state. Throughout his presentation he showed many photos which helped his audience get a fuller grasp of the past.

A few schools in each of the three districts today have stories behind their walls and are still standing. In the Eastern Local School District, the Bethel Worship Community Center was first a local school (Chester) along with its neighbor across the street the Chester Academy.

The Southern Local School District has the Racine Village Hall which was originally a school in the village as was the Syracuse Community Center in that village. Meigs Local School District had a school that underwent tragedy, the flood of 1937, and still lives to tell its tales today; the Wolfe Mountain Entertainment Center was originally the Pomeroy High School.

Eblin presented his material with assurance and at the beginning of his presentation a quote was given, “remembering the foundations to where our dreams began.”

Tyler Eblin
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2017/04/web1_4.26-Lecture-series2017425151417642.jpgTyler Eblin

By Erin Perkins

Special to the Sentinel

Erin Perkins is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel

Erin Perkins is a freelance writer for The Daily Sentinel