Swisher celebrates 95th birthday

Roberta Maynard Swisher

NEW HAVEN, W.Va. — Roberta Maynard Swisher recently had a “Happy 95th Birthday” celebration at her home in New Haven, West Virginia.

She had pizza, salad, chips, birthday cake and ice cream. Attending were James R. Maynard; Paul and Jill Maynard and Brecken; Patty Maynard; Rusty and Cody Maynard; Debbie and Joe Quivey; Brenda and Mike Seagraves; Arnie, Amber, Lily, Amelia, Cain and Jacob Dugan; and David and Ann Zirkle.

She had visitors, cards and phone calls from Orpha Fields; Eleanor Davis; Norma Green; Marge Blake; Mel, Sherry and Melissa Swisher. She had flowers from the Women’s Church of God. Mrs. Ralph Roush brought her a birthday dinner.

Roberta Maynard Swisher
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