Meigs County voters go to the polls

Beth Sergent

May 6, 2014

POMEROY — It was a relatively early night for the Meigs County Board of Elections as ballots cast in the May Primary were counted Tuesday evening.

With 27 of 27 precincts counted, the few closely watched contested races were decided as follows in Meigs County. In the Democratic race for governor, Larry Ealy received 125 votes with Edward Fitzgerald receiving 374. In the Democratic race for the Sixth Congressional District, Jennifer Garrison received 315 votes with Gregory Howard receiving 198. In the Republican race for State Representative for the 94th District, Yolan G. Dennis received 438 votes, Daniel W. Lantz received 669 votes. The Democratic race for governor, the district-wide races for the Democratic nominee for the Sixth Congressional District and Republican nominee for State Representative for the 94th District were still being decided at press time.

Also, voters in Meigs County approved Ballot Issue One with 1,080 voting yes and 637 voting no. Issue One pertains to the Infrastructure Capital Improvement Program that provides money for infrastructure programs across the state.

Other Meigs County results were reported as follows for the following races:

Democratic ticket: David Pepper for Attorney General, 403 votes. John Patrick Carney for Auditor of State, 418 votes. Nina Turner for Secretary of State, 431 votes. Connie Pillich for Treasurer, 418 votes. Tom Letson for Justice of Supreme Court, 389 votes. John P. O’Donnell, Justice of the Supreme Court, 400 votes. William E. Moore, member of State Central Committee Man 30th, 401 votes. Debbie Phillips, member of State Central Committee Woman 30th, 470 votes. Debbie Phillips, State Representative 94th District, 468 votes.

The following were results for Democratic candidates running for county central committee: Paula J. Wood, West Chester, 13 votes. Mary J. Carter, Columbia, 27 votes. Lawrence Hayman, Lebanon, 32 votes. Christopher T. Wolfe, Letart, 11 votes. Melody Hauber, South Olive, 15 votes. James Nally, Orange, 27 votes. Samuel Bruce May, Rutland Village, 15 votes. Karen S. Williams, East Rutland, 14 votes. Rebecca J. Johnston, Salem, 33 votes. Kenneth Imboden, Middleport second, 19 votes. Olita Heighton, Middleport fourth, 15 votes. Rebecca J. Triplett, Pomeroy second, 20 votes. Gregory D. Howard, Scipio, 33 votes. John N. Ihle, Minersville, 19 votes. Joyce Quillen, Racine, six votes.

Republican ticket: John Kasich for governor, 961 votes. Mike DeWine for Attorney General, 1,008 votes. Dave Yost for Auditor of State, 954 votes. Jon Husted for Secretary of State, 912 votes. Josh Mandel for Treasurer, 916 votes. Bill Johnson for Representative Sixth Congressional District, 968 votes. Sharon Kennedy for Justice of the Supreme Court, 874 votes. Judi French for Justice of the Supreme Court, 798 votes. Peter B. Abele, Judge of the Court of Appeals, fourth, 873 votes. Jim Carnes, member of State Central Committee Man, 30th, 828 votes. Marilyn K. Ashcraft, member of State Central Committee Woman, 30th, 843 votes. L. Scott Powell, Judge for Common Pleas Probate and Juvenile Court, 1,072 votes. Tim Ihle for County Commissioner, 981 votes. Mary T. Byer-Hill, for County Auditor, 995 votes.

The following were the results for Republican candidates running for county central committee: Marlene Harrison, Bedford, 66 votes. David Shuler, East Chester, 55 votes. Blair Windon, West Chester, 70 votes. Marco Jeffers, Columbia, 35 votes. David Fox, Letart, 16 votes. Cheryl L. Gumpf, North Olive, 41 votes. Eugene Triplett, Orange, 52 votes. Danny W. Davis, Rutland Village, 20 votes. Wilma J. Davidson, East Rutland, 25 votes. Steven D. Morris, West Rutland, 48 votes. Sandy Iannarelli, Middleport second, 25 votes. Marilyn Anderson, Middleport third, 34 votes. Michael Childs, Middleport fourth, 28 votes. Judy Sisson, Pomeroy first, 16 votes. John Musser, Pomeroy second, 16 votes. Bill Spaun, Pomeroy third, 14 votes. Edward W. Durst, Bradbury, 29 votes. Marjorie Fetty, Laurel Cliff, 37 votes. Norman L. Price, Rocksprings, 20 votes. Randy Butcher, Scipio, 60 votes. Robert E. Beegle, Racine Village, 32 votes. Kay Hill, Syracuse Village, 52 votes. Anna L. Norman, Minersville, 39 votes. Grover Salser, Jr., Racine Precinct, 48 votes.

Also receiving votes from the Green Party, Dennis Lambert with two votes for Representative for Sixth Congressional District and James Nicholas Villani for member of State Central Committee eighth, two votes. Also receiving votes, Libertarian Chris Armstrong for member of State Central Committee sixth, four votes and Libertarian Michael P. Segrest for member of State Central Committee, sixth, two votes.

In all there were 1,878 ballots cast - there are 15,105 registered voters in Meigs County. At the end of the night there were 13 provisional ballots to be counted - these will be reviewed and if approved placed in the official count at 10 a.m., May 19 at the Meigs County Board of Elections. Provisional ballots are basically used to record a vote when there are questions about a given voter’s eligibility.