Council approved pay raises

Sarah Hawley

March 12, 2014

POMEROY — Final approval of pay rate increases for Pomeroy Police Department employees, along with the solicitor and magistrate, were passed by council Monday.

Pay rates will be set as follows under the ordinance: Chief of police, $40,000 per year; police captain, $15.75 per hour; police lieutenant, $14.75 per hour; police sergeant, $13.75 per hour; police corporal, $12.75 per hour; police patrolman, $12 per hour; code enforcement officer, $11.50 per hour; and meter enforcement, $9.50 per hour.

Also included in the ordinance, dispatchers shall be paid $8.52 per hour, with the Mayor’s Court Clerk being paid $1 per hour in addition to that, and the assistant mayor’s court clerk paid an additional 50 cents per hour.

Dispatchers and officers working the midnight shift will also be paid an additional 25 cents per hour.

The ordinance states all police department employees shall be hired and promoted on a six-month probation.

According to council discussions, the rate increases will bring Pomeroy’s wages closer to that of other villages in the region. The goal is to pay a competitive wage to retain employees.

The ordinance passed 5-0 Monday, with council member Vic Young not in attendance.

Also approved was the third reading of Ordinance 765, which provides for a pay increase for the village solicitor and magistrate.

The ordinance increases the pay for both positions to $600 per month. The rate has been $500 per month for several years, according to council discussion

The ordinance was approved by a 5-0 vote.

Also during Monday’s meeting, Christina Munn and Fred Holmes, of Volunteer Energy, presented the village with a community reinvestment check for $863.52. This is a direct result of the gas program approved by voters a few years ago. Each year, Volunteer Energy donates a portion back to the villages involved.

Holmes also asked if the village was interested in putting the electric aggregation back on the budget. Council was mixed on their opinion of the matter.

Parks committee chairman Phil Ohlinger said that the committee had met with Jim Smith, chairman of the Beech Grove (Mulberry) Pond, to discuss possible grants. Also discussed was the potential to add a shelter house at the site and an aerator for the pond.

Exercise equipment provided by Meigs County Health Department’s Joseph Verdier will be placed along the walking path as soon as weather permits.

No smoking signs have also been provided through the grant program for placement around the village.

Leak insurance was discussed as presented by Village Administrator Paul Hellman. He stated that people currently have the option to pay $25 for up to $300 in insurance in case of a leak. Under the new plan, residents would have the option to purchase insurance in the following increments: $25 for $300, $50 for $600 and $75 for $900.

The village will be looking into applying for the critical infrastructure grant in the amount of $300,000 to be used on West Main Street. The village is also considering application for the CDBG grant. Both applications are due April 7.

The chlorine smell in the water was discussed, with Hellman stating that levels are tested at two locations daily and remain below the approved levels.

Mayor Jackie Welker will speak with Mark Porter and the Pomeroy Youth League to find out when the trucks must be moved from the parking area.

Finance committee will meet at 6 p.m. March 17.