Ohio Valley readers weigh in on New Year’s resolutions

By Jessica Patterson Special to Civitas Media

January 1, 2014

OHIO VALLEY — The New Year often means new goals and a fresh start. This is why many people make New Year’s resolutions and set out to accomplish their goals.

Many residents in the Tri-county area join in on the resolutions, and some told us about them through our newspaper Facebook pages. Kevin and Barbie Phillips said they came up with two resolutions to follow in 2014.

“Like most, I make the resolution to lose weight or quit smoking and never can follow through, but this year in this technology-driven world I have two resolutions I plan on upholding,” Phillips said. “The first is less time with my face in my phone or computer and more time with the kids, because you miss so much when you don’t even realize it [the little things]. Second, I plan on swearing less. Stress these days gets the best of me, and I can’t help but spout off like a sailor. It tends to make me feel a little better, but I have little ears around, so I plan on substituting them for nicer words.”

Misty Young also made her resolution center on her loved ones.

“This year is our oldest son’s last year of high school,” Young said. “My resolution is to plan and do more family activities and make lots of memories.”

Nancy Porter Gard said her main resolution is to keep the others.

“My resolution is to follow through with tasks undertaken,” Gard said. “In other words, to not break any resolutions as I always have in years past!”

People such as JoAnn Hapney Sizemore, find these resolutions hard to keep, so they decide they are not making resolutions, but plan do the best they can to make the New Year a better one.

“I try my best as a Christian to not lie, so I make no resolutions because they are very seldom kept,” Sizemore said. “I am just going to do my best to be a better person.”

Derek Miller said instead of resolutions, he has high hopes for 2014.

“I never have stuck to New Year’s resolutions,” Miller said. “I feel that you will only get back in return what you put into the New Year. I am hoping for good health and prosperity for family, friends and co-workers.”

People often say they were unable to stick with resolutions, but some such as Tim Davies find a way to pull through and accomplish the goal.

“We tried a simple one last year,” Davies said. “Try 52 new recipes in the year, as we always collect them but rarely make them. New Year’s Eve, we made number 52! We documented it on Facebook and shared recipes with those who were interested. It was great fun!”

Some residents such as Dale Gibbs choose not to make resolutions because they do not want to wait for the New Year to start accomplishing their goals.

“I never really liked the idea once I realized that if you really wanted to do something, you would start when you thought of it, and not wait for a certain day,” Gibbs said.