Church plays celebrate Christmas

By Charlene Hoeflich

December 24, 2013

MIDDLEPORT — Churches all across the county observed the birth of Christ not only with programs and plays, but through giving to the less fortunate, and hosting dinners to all those who cared to come.

Sunday the Middleport First Baptist Church was among the many churches celebrating Christmas with a play about the birth of Christ followed by a luncheon and treats for the children.

Brynda Faulk, pianist, directed the play titled “What Christmas is all About.”

Craig Wehrung, the narrator, reminisced about the time Christ was born, and Matt Lyons, cast as Mr. Willoughby, was depicted as a shop owner at that time. Singers in the play were Adam Badran, Aubree Lyons, Morgan Doczi, Renee Doczi, and Marc McCloud.

Others taking roles were Kyleigh Hall, Jaykob Eplion, Bryce Zuspan, and River Griffith.