Unofficial results: Welker retains Pomeroy Mayor seat

Sarah Hawley

November 5, 2013

POMEROY — With all of the precints reporting in Meigs County, the results in some races are too close to call.

In the race for Pomeroy Mayor, current mayor Jackie Welker holds a 25 vote lead over challenger Donnie May.With all three Pomeroy precincts reporting, Welker has a vote total of 177 and May has a total of 152.

There are nine provisional ballots remaining to be counted in Pomeroy.

For Pomeroy Council, seven candidates were competing for the four available seats. Unofficial top four vote getters are Philip M. Ohlinger (205 votes), Robert Dru Reed (176 votes), Victor C. Young III (173 votes) and Luke James Ortman (137 votes). Nancy Schartiger is just four votes short of Ortman with the nine provisional ballots to be counted. Kenneth Klein received 82 votes and there were 53 write-in votes.

In the heated Middleport Village Council race, the top four vote getters (unofficially) were Richard W. Vaughan (406), Sharon Older (310), Douglas Reed Dixon (300) and Emerson Heighton (226). Others receiving votes were Sandra Fultz Brown (201), H. Craig Wehrung (188), Rae Moore (183) and write-in (150). Four seats were to be elected.

In Syracuse, Roy Johnson Jr. received 144, Eber O. Pickens Jr. received 122, and Katelyn Roberts and Cassandra Smith each received 76 votes. Also receiving votes were Lola Hubbard 58 and Stephanie Wiechmann 56. There were four seats to be elected.

For the Syracuse Board of Public Affairs, Gordon Winebrenner received 159 votes and Floyd Graham received 103 votes. Two candidates were to be elected.

With four seats open there were four candidates. George E. Cummins received 116 votes, Tim Hill received 12 votes, Ronald L. Clark received 101 votes and Robert E. Beegle received 87 votes.

Middleport Fire Levy unofficially passed by a vote of 314-239 with provisional ballots still to be counted.

The 1.1 mil levy for the Meigs County Senior Citizens passed by a vote of 3,329 to 1,227, with provisional ballots remaining to be counted.

The decision on energy aggregation in Racine passed by a vote of 83-56. In Pomeroy, the decision is too close to call with a current vote of 156 for and 157 against.

For Meigs Local school board — with provisional ballots still remaining — Ryan Mahr has a total of 1,006 votes, followed by Ron Logan with 949 votes and Heather Hawley with 944 votes. Two are to be elected to the board. Also receiving votes were James R. Acree Sr. with 600 and David Hoover with 579.

In Southern Local School District three candidates were to be elected. Unofficial results show Paul Harris with 674 votes, Brenda Johnson with 584 votes, Dennis Teaford with 480 votes and Peggy Gibbs with 374 votes.

In Eastern Local, Mark W. Hall received a total of 617, Thomas Morrissey received a total of 607 votes and E. David Averion received 311 votes.

Results will be unofficial until the official vote count is held on Nov. 19.

Results of races in townships and levies will appear in the Thursday edition of The Daily Sentinel and online at as they become available.